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Last month I did a post about the Lime Crime Velvetines that I own. I love liquid lipsticks and think they’re so much better than regular lipstick because with these you can eat and drink as normal and not worry about it coming off or getting all over your teeth.


The colours I have are (left to right) Unicorn Blood, Celebrity Skin and Rose Matter. Eventually I would like to have almost all of them, except the more out there colours that I know I wouldn’t wear like Breakfast At Tiffany’s or Crocodile Tears.

I love the packaging of the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks, unfortunately as I’ve had these for a while now I haven’t kept the boxes but they come in a bright neon pink box with the trademark Jeffree Star gold logo on. Note to self: keep boxes for photo next time.

The formula of these is really creamy, very easy to apply and non drying on your lips. Providing you apply lip balm around fifteen minutes before you apply the lipstick to allow it to absorb. Proper preparation is key, like with most things. They dry completely matte and last all day, as long as you aren’t eating anything oily as this will remove make up.

Something I really love about these liquid lipsticks is that some of the shades are Rootbeer Float scented. Rootbeer is my favourite drink so I love this. The shades that are scented are: Celebrity Skin, Unicorn Blood, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Abused, Gemini, Rose Matter, Mannequin & Blue Velvet. Also if you haven’t tried Root Beer before you really should!

(Left to right: Rose Matter, Celebrity Skin and Unicorn Blood)

Have you got any of the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks? What do you think of them?

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21 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

  1. I’ve been collecting Jeffree’s products for a while now slowly building up my collection and i now have 7 of liquid lipsticks and 3 of his skin frosts, I’d only push you to get his highlighters if you like glittery highlighters they are super chunky so I have to layer over other highlighters so they don’t show up texture! Love your little collection though! Xo

    1. Ooh ok! I like them to be glittery but usually not super chunky pieces of glitter. Definitely want to get more of the liquid lipsticks though, Anna Nicole is next on my list! xx

          1. I originally thought I wasn’t going to get anything from the collaboration I wasn’t fussed by the liquid lipstick colours but I thought the skin frost might be something I don’t already own which is true but the formulation isn’t my fave unforunately. I really want to try the palettes but I just know I won’t get enough use out of them unless he brings out a fully warm toned palette then maybe I’ll splash out xo

          2. I’m the same, unless it’s going to be something I get a lot of use out of I don’t see the point in buying it. A warm toned palette would be lush! xx

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