Summer Skincare Routine


My skin has always been on the dry side, particularly in the colder months but throughout Summer it becomes almost combination so I’ve recently switched up my skincare routine to combat any breakouts.

Starting with make up free skin I use Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Face Wash and Mask and use it as a wash to cleanse my face. Once a week I’ll use this as a mask too. After rinsing the cleanser off I pat my face dry and use Garnier Naturals Rose Water Toner with a cotton pad.

Lastly I use L’Oreal Hydra Genius for normal to dry skin to moisturise, although if skin is feeling particularly dry I’ll use this as more of a serum and then go in with Neutrogena Hydra Boost Gel Cream for extra hydration.

If I do get any breakouts, my favourite thing to use is Freederm Fast Track Spot Gel. It reduces redness and spot size within 4 hours and is my go to for breakouts!

I’m currently lacking an eye cream in my routine as I ran out of the last one I was using but I plan on purchasing the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream very soon.

What skincare products do you love and use in your skincare routine?

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15 thoughts on “Summer Skincare Routine

  1. I’m having real issues with my skin at the moment and I’m not sure what’s causing it, it’s the worst its been that I can remember! I’m sticking to products I love, but I think the real reason is because I’m missing my all time favourite mask, The Mask of Magmaminty from Lush ahah!! Think it’s time for a restock <3

    1. I’ve tried that one before but wasn’t super keen on the smell! I would like to try the cupcake one next, despite it being dark brown haha. My skin has been pretty crap lately too, think it’s because of the change in the weather. Will have to have a trip to Lush soon! ☺️

      1. I’ve overlooked the smell because it does wonders to my skin and I’ve tried a lot of other masks from Lush and none of them work as well for me. I do want to try the cupcake one though! Me too! 😊

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