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15 Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal

There are so many things you can do in your bullet journal. Tracking is just one of those things but there many things you can track. If you’ve seen my previous bullet journal posts then you’ll know that I love trackers. I have four trackers on the go in my current monthly setup. A habit tracker, mood tracker, sleep tracker and gratitude log. I also have a Netflix series tracker, blog stats tracker and payment log as well as a book and film tracker. It’s great to see what progress you’re making in different areas of your life and it helps you keep track of goals. I love reading bullet journal posts, particularly when looking for ideas for my bullet journal. Therefore I thought it was only fitting that when I have some ideas for things to track to share them on my blog.

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  1. Fitness: I currently use a line on my habit tracker to track my fitness but I think I may move to a full-blown fitness tracker all on its own. That way I’ll be able to track my daily steps and workouts and log everything more clearly.
  2. Your period/ovulation/pms symptoms: Not something I think I’ll be tracking anytime soon but I think this is a great one, especially if you suffer with bad PMS symptoms and want to get an idea where patterns are forming.
  3. Books you’re reading: I’ve seen so many different layouts for reading trackers, bookshelves, stacks of books etc. I use quite a simple layout myself but it’s really rewarding to tick off when you’ve finished each book. Particularly if you set yourself a reading goal at the start of the year like I did.
  4. Films you have watched: Much like the reading tracker this is great to see what films you’ve watched each year. I’m not someone who watches a lot of films. I’ve only watched 5 new films (that I hadn’t seen before) this year so far. Nevertheless I love colouring in a new section every time I cross a film off of my watch list.
  5. TV shows you’re watching: I’m more of a Netflix tv show watcher really, if I’m watching regular tv then it’s almost certainly going to be something on Food Network. This is a great idea if you’re a big tv series watcher though.
  6. Netflix series tracker: This is a tracker that is updated a lot in my bujo. I’m currently watching Riverdale, Friends (from start to finish) and Gilmore Girls. I don’t know why but colouring in each episode number once I’ve watched it is so satisfying.
  7. Habits: A firm favourite of mine. You can find a ton of different layouts on Pinterest or in my other bullet journal posts
  8. Sleep: Another tracker that I fill in without fail. I don’t know why I love tracking my sleep each night, I just do.
  9. Your mood: I’ve been including a mood tracker in my monthly setup each month and I really like it. It’s been really nice to look back and see what sort of month I had on the whole.
  10. Monthly/weekly spending: I’ve tried used a spending tracker a few times before and it doesn’t really end up being something that I fill in. I set myself a monthly budget and I keep track of payments I need to make in a certain month but that’s about it for me.
  11. Savings: Savings however is a different kettle of fish. I love tracking savings, it feels like such an accomplishment (we’re currently saving for a house) when you see it rising each month. Even more so if you’re using pretty colours of course.
  12. Cleaning/chores: I have a chores tracker in my bullet journal which I use more as a reference page to remind me of things I may have missed rather than a tracker. However I’ve been thinking about adding in a specific cleaning tracker to my monthly setup and it may be something I include in May.
  13. Self Care: This is an idea I had a couple of months ago but am yet to implement in my bujo. I thought it would be a useful addition to track things like face masks, me time, hair treatments etc. Self care is really important but can often be neglected so a tracker is a great way to keep it up.
  14. Meals: If you’re a meal planner like I am then a meal planning tracker is right up your street. When you’re meal planning you don’t want to include the same meals month after month. You want to mix things up a bit. A meal tracker is great for this. You can see what you had each month and switch things up the next to keep things fresh and new. Great motivation to try new recipes too.
  15. Weather: I’m a bit of a weather nerd. I love programmes about weather. I even track it in my weekly spreads. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a monthly weather tracker and much like the cleaning tracker it may well be something you see in my May bullet journal setup post.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “15 Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal”

  • This is a helpful post. I’m always looking for new things to track in my bullet journal. I never thought to track my period but I’ll definitely start doing that now!!

  • I love tracking things in my planner!! Lately I’ve been tracking my blog stats and I’m finding it really useful to see which posts are doing well and how my own activity affects the figures. I’d love to start tracking more life stuff too: like meals and fitness 🙂

    Great Post x
    Alice // The Rose Glow

  • This is such a helpful post! I love that you have the freedom to pick what you track and what pages it contains, much better than your standard planner. I am yet to start a bullet journal but I have been putting bits together to set one up for the summer

  • Thank you for all the great ideas! I especially love the cleaning tracker – that would be a great way to set my own schedule for chores that don’t need to be done as often.

  • I don’t have a bullet journal as I can never get them looking as pretty as everyone else’s, but I am obsessed with tracking things regardless! This list has given me some excellent ideas, I like the idea of a spending tracker as I’m notorious for spending all my money on rubbish haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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