4 Things I Love About February

  1. Spring is on its way! – Finally we see the back of the longest month of the year, January, and move ever so much closer into the realm of brighter nights and mornings, birds tweeting at dawn and pretty flowers blooming. Not to mention a slither of ever so slightly warmer weather (albeit with spring showers thrown in for good measure, we can’t have it all.)
  2. Valentines Day – Sure it’s a commercial holiday but chocolates and flowers suit me just fine. (Mainly chocolates, ngl)
  3. Pancake Day – So Pancake Day is in February this year, which is odd right? It’s usually in March isn’t it? I don’t know why certain holidays change so forgive my ignorance on this one. However, pancakes the day before chocolates and flowers is something I can whole heartedly get on board with. I’m a classic lemon and sugar pancake person when it comes to pancake day. Any other day of the year I would opt for American Pancakes and maple syrup but on Pancake Day its thin pancakes or nothing, don’t @ me.
  4. It’s a short month – February is perfectly placed after what seems like the longest month of the year. Which means payday rolls around quicker, along with everything I mentioned in 1. I honestly feel such a difference in my mood and mindset now it’s a new month, I’m getting back into my hobbies again and it feels so good!

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