42 Facts about Mabel

If you didn’t know already know, I have a cat called Mabel. She’s black, 7 years old and as you can see from the photo below; beautiful. She’s quite shy with people she doesn’t know (in fact she hides under our bed covers when strangers knock on the door or come round) but once you get to know her she’s lovely and she has such a great personality (when she’s not shitting behind a hoover -see fact #20). We’re totally used to her little personality but I know when I tell my friends about things she’s done that they find it hilarious so I thought it was about time I did a blog post about her. She’s definitely a unique individual and this will come apparent as you read on…


Paul is a cat


  1. Her name is Mabel but we have a lot of nicknames for her
  2. One of those is Paul
  3. We probably call her Paul more than we do Mabel
  4. She answers to both and doesn’t seem remotely bothered
  5. She is very shy unless she knows you and is really comfortable with you
  6. Her favourite sachet flavour is Chicken
  7. She loves cat treats, particularly Felix Crispies and Felix Goody Bags
  8. She’s also partial to cat sticks, which basically look like peperami
  9. One of her favourite pastimes is watching the birds and meeping at them
  10. Mabel is an indoor cat and that’s the way she likes it
  11. She loves to sleep on our bed but also enjoys a variety of other locations such as;
  12. The sofa
  13. The floor
  14. The trunk we store things in
  15. Empty cardboard shoeboxes
  16. Her cat carrier
  17. Any windowsill in the sun
  18. She once stole a piece of roast beef and ran around the house with it in her mouth whilst we chased her to get it off her
  19. It ended with a standoff and her hiding behind the TV stand, growling at Will
  20. She once couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs and use her litter tray because she was too excited by what was going on downstairs (she loves to be the centre of attention around people she knows and is comfortable with) and so did a shit behind Henry the Hoover.
  21. It absolutely stank and we still talk and laugh about it to this day
  22. She quite likes the odd bit of human food, including but not limited to;
  23. Mushy peas
  24. Pickled Onion Monster Munch, Nik Naks, Quavers and Wotsits (only to lick them)
  25. Yoghurts, particularly petit filous
  26. Cream
  27. Tuna
  28. Salmon
  29. Basically any fish
  30. Sausages
  31. Ham
  32. Chicken, beef, lamb, pork, duck (particularly roasted)
  33. Bacon
  34. Sour cream
  35. Lollipops
  36. We only let her have a few nibbles or licks of the above mind! Even when she protests with lots of meows
  37. She meows for us with a meow that’s totally different to the other ones she uses, to tell us she has pooped and wants it scooped from her litter tray
  38. We call her litter tray the poop shack
  39. She loves to sit at the top of the stairs whilst I stand at the bottom and throw her squishy cat toy up and she catches it and then knocks it back down for me to throw again
  40. No, she’s not a dog but sometimes I think she thinks she is one
  41. She catches flies, spiders, moths and is my hero because I hate any kind of bug or insect!
  42. She’s the best cat in the world and should have had her own blog post sooner!


I’d love to know if your cat (or another type of pet) does any of these things! Leave me a comment about your pets little quirks 🙂


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