50 Things To Do When You’re Bored

1. Pinterest – I love scrolling through Pinterest, pinning away to my heart’s content.
2. Twitter –  Another website I like to scroll through, chatting to other bloggers is nice too.
3. Instagram – Yet another scroller. Great for procrastination and boredom alike.
4. Find blogs to follow on Bloglovin’
5. Start a Bullet Journal
6. Watch a film you haven’t seen for ages or a film you haven’t seen before
7. Read a book, either re-read a favourite or buy a new book you like the look of
8. Start learning something. Be it a language, knitting, coding, cooking etc
9. Try a new recipe. Savoury or sweet!
10. Have a pamper day/evening. Face mask, hair mask, nails, the works!
11. Play a video game
12. Listen to some music, something you haven’t listened to for ages works best when you’re bored I find
13. Go for a walk. Clearing your mind and seeing a different scenery can help loads.
14. Exercise: bike ride, walking, running, work out dvd, join a gym
15. Binge watch Youtube videos. Maybe find someone new to watch.
16. If you have a blog try coming up with some content ideas perhaps and if you don’t have a blog.
17. Start a blog!
18. Try out nail art
19. Start watching a new TV series you’ve not seen before but wanted to start.
20. Do some wish list ‘shopping’. This is what I call browsing a website for things you like and then adding it to your wish list. It’s great if you’re trying to save money as by the end you feel like you’ve gone shopping but you haven’t spent a penny!
21. Do some actual online shopping (if you can afford it of course! Don’t blow your savings just because you’re bored.)
22. Go shopping. Actual shopping where you go to the shops. Mad concept I know when you have wifi and a bed at home but still, it’s an idea right?
23. Clean/tidy. I love to clean and reorganise. It’s great when you’re bored too as it not only kills time but also gets jobs done!
24. Start journal/diary. Writing is a great outlet.
25. Plan a holiday
26. Rearrange your room/entire house. I’ve done this many a time haha!
27. Ring/text a friend
28. Write a letter to a friend/pen pal/loved one
29. Gardening. Maybe have a go at growing your own fruit or veg.
30. Take a long bath or shower
31. Plan out your meals for the week ahead
31. Do some work
32. Take some Buzzfeed quizzes. I quite like doing these from time to time.
33. Sign up to Valued Opinions where you can earn money/vouchers for doing online surveys. I’ve had £30 in Boots vouchers so far so I can assure you it’s not a scam ha!
34. Meet up with a friend
35. Take a good book and go to a coffee shop/park for a change of scenery
36. Go to a nature reserve or country park
37. Spend the day at a museum, most are free!
38. Clean your car or take it to the car wash
39. Have a declutter of things you don’t use or no longer want
40. Look through your wardrobe and plan some outfits
41. Download some games to play on your phone
42. Go for a drive
43. Read a literary classic
44. Watch a film from IMDB’s Top 250
45. Make something: candles, homemade soap, body scrub etc.
46. Spend some time with your pet/kids/family/significant other
47. Draw/doodle/paint/sculpt/colour in. It’s all good!
48. Enrol on a course. There are lots of free online courses you can do from home in your spare time.
49. Watch some guilty pleasure TV. Homes Under The Hammer, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Whatever you want!
50. Volunteer: local care home, hospital, charity shop, animal shelter, women’s refuge etc

What do you do when you’re bored?

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