7 Things I Do to Feel Better When I’m Feeling Down

I want to start this post off with a little disclaimer, so many times I see these posts and I think, yes that’s all well and good but those things can’t always make you feel better. Things aren’t as black and white as that, so I just wanted to say that these are the things I know make me feel better sometimes, sometimes I feel really down and can’t be bothered doing any of them because I literally just have nothing left in me. Sometimes though, doing some of these things can really help so I thought doing a little blog post on them would be nice because I like to read posts like this and see what other people do to help them feel better when they’re not feeling so great.

  1. Paint your nails – I almost always have my nails painted, it makes me feel nice and put together. When they start to chip or look shabby I find that I start to chip and feel shabby so painting them as soon as they look drab really helps me feel good about myself.
  2. Do a face mask – I got an amazing face mask for Christmas from a brand called Instanaturals and I love it. It’s a rose mask and contains hyaluronic acid so it’s great for my dry skin. It looks like honey almost, which I was surprised about but thankfully it’s not sticky and works really great at hydrating my skin. I find taking the time to do some self-care makes such a difference in your mood because you’ve had time just to be on your own, relaxing and taking care of yourself.
  3. Read – One of my new years resolutions was to try to get back into reading. I love reading but I find it’s something I struggle to keep doing, so often I just get in bed at night and scroll through my phone. I think it’s hard being a blogger because you spend so much time online but I’m trying to get back into it. Reading is brilliant at taking you to a difference place and getting you into a different mindset.
  4. Have a shower/bath – We don’t actually have a bath in our house, hence why I’ve included shower. I know most of time people associate relaxing and pampering with having a bath, but personally I’m not a massive fan of baths. I like them for about ten minutes and then I get bored and want to get out so I’m more than happy just having a shower instead. Showers can be just as relaxing as a bath and spending some time doing a hair mask, using a body scrub etc can leave you feeling refreshed for a new week.
  5. Bullet Journal – If you bullet journal then you will know what a great hobby it is for chilling out and getting creative. When I’m not feeling too good immersing myself in my bullet journal is a great way to unwind and reset.
  6. Watch a film – There’s nothing quite like cracking out an old comfort classic like Harry Potter when you’re feeling shit. I don’t know about you but I have a selection of films that are my go to for crappy days, I’ve watched them countless times but they never grow old or lose their charm.
  7. Have a cup of tea – as British as it is, sometimes a cup of tea really can perk you up. Whether it’s the tea, the warmth of the mug in your hand, or just the fact that you’re having a breather that does it I don’t know but you really can’t beat it that’s for sure!

What do you find helps when you’re not feeling your best?

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