April Bullet Journal Setup

Bullet journal posts are my favourite to write, particularly when I’m setting up a new month. They’re my fave to read and write and I just love them, sharing my bullet journal setup each month is something I really look forward to and love seeing how other people have set up their bullet journal too. This month we have Easter to look forward to which is right at the start of April, but I felt compelled to use Easter as my theme for the entire month nevertheless.

I decided to use Gwennan’s Spring Printable as inspiration for the doodles decorating my April monthly calendar. I literally had the printable up on my phone to copy from the entire time and I still managed to muck most of them up (I know my sheep looks like a dog, he’s having an identity crisis ok?). She has one of these doodle printable sheets for each season now, along with heaps of others if you’re stuck for ideas!

Despite how some of my doodles turned out I’m actually really pleased with how this bullet journal setup turned out and how the colours look together. The Easter banner I’m not completely happy with, totally misjudged the placement but I’m trying to see past it and just enjoy all the pretty colours.

April Monthly Bullet Journal Setup

So as you may have guessed from the first photo the first spread in my April bullet journal setup is this double page calendar. Rather than having two separate calendars for personal and blog use I’ve incorporated them onto one big double page spread. I like the way it looks so far so we shall see how it goes once I start filling it in and actually using it.

It’s not too dissimilar from my usual two calendar setup because I still essentially have two calendars, they’re just in different layouts. I’ve been posting on my blog every other day pretty much so I imagine the blog calendar is going to get filled up pretty quickly. As long as I keep my writing small and neat I think it will be easy to flip to this page and see what I have going on, both with my blog and personal life.

I particularly like my choice of font for this month, I’ve sort of kept to a pattern which you will see as you read on, both with font and colours and I really like how it looks.

April Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Next up are my trackers. I have my regular habit tracker (forgot to colour in the title before taking this photo and couldn’t be bothered to take another, soz) and my sleep tracker. I dabbled with this new style of sleep tracker last month. Previously I wrote the hours in for every day rather than just at the top and then used a felt tip/highlighter to show how long I had slept. It started to get annoying to write them out each month so I opted for this setup instead. I really prefer it and love how it looks once it’s all filled in. I colour in the squares with a coloured fineliner and alternate colours every other day to make it easier to read.

April Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Habit trackers; I love them. Each month when it comes to setting up for a new month in my bullet journal. It’s so interesting to look back at the end of the month and see what you did or didn’t do and how much sleep you averaged getting. The things I track in my habit tracker haven’t really changed from last month. If you use habit trackers in your bullet journal and feel I’m missing out on tracking something then please let me know. Maybe you use a different layout altogether? I love nosing at people’s bullet journals and seeing how they do things. That’s one of the things I love about bullet journalling, it’s such a vast community of creative people. There’s so much to take inspiration from and try out for yourself (even if it takes you a few tries to get it right).

April Bullet Journal Sleep Tracke

My gratitude log has changed a little this month too. I’ve made it a double pager rather than just cramming it all into one page. I was having to miss days because I ran out of space so two pages makes more sense. One page really isn’t enough if you’re doing it Boho Berry style and using different fonts so two pages was the way to go. If you haven’t checked out Boho Berry before then you need to get to her website or just go straight to her YouTube channel. She explains the bullet journal system perfectly and has some great videos on bullet journalling. She also usually does a video each month on her monthly bullet journal setup, which is great if you’re stuck for layout ideas etc.

Lastly I have my April mood tracker, which of course I had to design with this coming months theme in mind; Easter. I went for an Easter Egg for a couple of reasons. Firstly it was easy for me to drawer, secondly it was something I could make large enough to divide up for each day of April. I think with the selection of colours that I’m using this month the Easter Egg will look super cute when I’ve coloured each section in.

I’ve really enjoyed creating this bullet journal setup, I love the colour palette and how it all came together. Now I just have to wait a few more days to use it all!


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