August Bullet Journal Setup

We’re entering the eighth month of the year on Wednesday, isn’t that crazy? This year is going so fast! It feels like yesterday that it was January 2018 and I can’t believe we’re going to be leaving Summer and heading into Autumn soon. As always a new month means a new bullet journal setup and so that’s what I’m going to be sharing today; my August bullet journal setup. August is a particularly exciting/busy month for me this year as we’re getting married (in literally two days!!), going on our honeymoon and it’s my 30th birthday!


August Bullet Journal


I decided to incorporate all the things going on this August into my cover page and switch around the order of the cover page and the master to-do list. I’ve just noticed that these photos were actually taken before I rubbed out the pencil lines but I did rub them out! I also have since gone back and decorated the bunting. I’m usually pretty good at finishing off each page before I move on so I don’t know what happened this time although I was watching Gilmore Girls so maybe I got a little too distracted.



My month at a glance has stayed the same as previous months as has my blog calendar. I’m happy with the layout I’m using at the moment so I have no plans on changing it any time soon. I like the standard calendar layout because it gives me plenty of space to write in and it’s easy to flick back to and view.



My colour theme for August is super colourful. I feel like as it’s Summer I want to use lots of colour. Although tbh I always like to use colour in my bullet journal. I decided to go for a similar style habit tracker to July just without the doodles. I don’t really feel like the doodles that I used to represent this month can be used throughout the entire spread like I did in July. It’s just not that kind of theme so instead, I’ve just gone for a super colourful theme. I may go back and add some doodles at a later date but for now, I’m happy with the way it looks.



I found using a budget like this really worked for me in July so it’s definitely something I’m going to be continuing doing. The way I use this is to write down all the things I know I have going on that month, set a budget for each thing and then try to stick to that or reduce the cost. We’ve got our wedding coming up in a couple of days now, our honeymoon and my 30th birthday so I really want to make sure I don’t overspend.



Finally, we have the weekly spreads. The parts that definitely get used the most in my bullet journal. I love to make daily lists and write down all the things I need to get done each day. It helps to keep me really organised and not fall behind on things. Although I do have a habit of migrating tasks to the next day a fair bit. We all have days like that, don’t we? I love getting things ticked off my to do list but sometimes I just can’t be bothered and don’t have the motivation to do everything. Other days I’m like a whirlwind with the amount of stuff I get done. For example, I’ve spent all weekend with this blog post just sat in my drafts. The photos have all been sitting there but I’d written like 12 sentences over Saturday and Sunday combined. Today, however (Monday) I feel super motivated! Weird how motivation can disappear and then just reappear again.

I’ve gone for quite a few similar layouts to those that I normally use but have just mixed the fonts up a bit and the colours. I like to mix them up sometimes but for the most part, I like a simple, basic design that gives me enough space for each. I don’t really need anything else in there. If you’ve seen my post all about how I set up this bullet journal then you’ll know I have a tracker for pretty much everything else.



I hope you enjoyed having a look at my August bullet journal setup, feel free to link me to your bullet journal blog posts below!


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