August Favourites

Let’s skip the obligatory “I can’t believe another month is over” line and start off by saying how excited for Autumn I am! I honestly cannot wait for some cooler, crisper weather, jumpers, tights, boots, Halloween and all that good stuff. But before I can get truly excited about Autumn I need to wrap up August and what better way than with my August Favourites.

If you follow my blog on the reg then you may recognise a few of these things from their own dedicated posts (I’ll link ya ICYMI which will also save me waffling on unnecessarily ) but I couldn’t leave them out of this post because I’ve loved using them so much.

Ok so let’s start with this Express Gel Nail Polish kit from SensatioNail. I have been loving using this. Gel nail polish is just so much better than regular nail polish in my opinion. It lasts longer, it takes less time to dry and all in all it’s just so much less faff to apply! (Taking it off can be a bit tedious sure, but it’s worth it I think). I also have two other SensatioNail gel nail polishes that I’ve been loving, a black and a beautiful rose gold glitter colour. You can read my full post about SensatioNail here.

I really like these body sprays from Body Fantasies, I’ve got two now and for £3.99 they’re such a bargain. This scent in particular is so nice. I won’t try to describe it because I’m horrific at describing scents when it comes to perfumes etc but next time you’re in Superdrug have a whiff, they have quite a few in the range and they’re so affordable. I like to keep one in my handbag for on the go and I’ve had a lot of compliments with this scent.

I’m actually quite shocked at myself that I haven’t written a dedicated post about the new Paradise Mascara from L’Oreal because it has taken its rightful place as my all time favourite mascara since the day I bought it. It gives such volume and length as well as holding a curl in my naturally straight lashes, if you haven’t tried this yet (where have you been though?) then you need to hotfoot it down to your nearest Boots/Superdrug and grab a tube ASAP.

Now I’m not usually a make up wipes kind of girl. I prefer to use my beloved L’Oreal Extraordinary Cleansing Oil normally, but as I’ve recently been travelling for work via plane I needed to find something that wouldn’t be included in my liquids allowance (find out what I do take here). I’ve actually been so impressed with this wipes though. They remove all of my makeup, even super stubborn waterproof mascara and they don’t leave my skin feeling dry. They’re also super moist so you don’t have to tug at your eyes to remove every last trace of mascara which as I’m sure you’ve experienced, is the worst. No one likes a dry make up wipe.

Last on the favourites list, but definitely not least are these two little beauts from Bblonde which were very kindly sent to me by them a few weeks ago. I’ve been using them since they arrived and I feel like they’ve really made a difference when it comes to the colour of my hair. I usually have to use a toning shampoo once a week but with these I’ve found that my hair has kept its bright, shiny blonde colour and it’s not gone brassy at all! I wrote a full review, which you can find here if you want to know more about them.

Well, there you have it. Another monthly favourites post, which can only mean another month done and dusted. September brings Autumn with it though and that I am very excited for. I love Autumn, it’s my favourite time of year and I have a lot of Autumnal blog posts planned too so keep an eye out for those!

What have you been loving throughout August?

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