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When it comes to blogging there are so many articles telling you what to do and what not to do. Which is all well and good and lots of them are super helpful, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that when it comes to blogging it can be easy to suddenly feel under pressure and that’s not how it should be.

Your blog, I think, should first and foremost be for you. Sure you want people to read your content and that’s fine and completely normal but it should always be content you enjoy and want to write. You should never feel pressured to blog about a certain topic or product etc. You should also never feel like you have to blog every day or every other day or on a schedule. Blog when you want to blog. If you want to have a new blog post up every day, once a week or even just once every fortnight then that’s totally fine. It’s your blog.

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So often I see bloggers tweeting “Sorry I haven’t had content up this week” and I immediately think, who are you apologising to? You can explain to your readers of course you can, I’m not saying it’s stupid or anything I’m just saying that I don’t think you need to apologise. If you have a massive following and you blog to a set schedule and people expect your content then I can somewhat understand you may want to let people know if you won’t have a new post up. Particularly if it’s one people have requested or have been waiting for. However in that same breath, will most people even notice? There are plenty of massive bloggers/vloggers etc that I follow and I have no idea whether they post on certain days or not. I scroll through Bloglovin’ (how I read most of the blogs I follow) when I have time, I’m not there anxiously waiting for a blog post to go up.

For the most part people have a lot going on in their lives. Be it work, school, house work, family activities, other hobbies, seeing friends etc and they’re really not going to notice if you don’t have a blog post up for a week or two, maybe even a month. Even if they do notice, most people are going to assume you have something else going on that means you can’t blog right now.

I’m really mindful that this could come across the wrong way, like I’m saying no one cares about your blog so don’t bother keeping your followers in the loop. Which is not what I’m saying at all, I just don’t think people should feel like they have to apologise if they can’t manage to spend their time writing on their blog. Because it is their time at the end of the day, blogging takes time and effort and a lot of it. If someone can’t find the time or just can’t blog for other reasons then why should they apologise for that? I’ve kind of gone off on a tangent here and it’s not even the topic of this blog post haha.

What I actually wanted to write about was my best blogging tip: always blog first and foremost for yourself. If you don’t feel like writing, don’t. If you don’t want to blog about beauty, don’t. If you don’t want to set yourself a schedule, don’t. Blogging should be fun, it should be something you enjoy. Sure you can turn it into a career, you can make money from it if you want to. However it can just be a fun hobby too. Don’t get too hung up on what other people are doing. Your blog is yours and that should be the best thing about it really.

It’s yours. You can write about what you want, when you want. You can share snippets of your life or choose to blog anonymously. You can make it your own.

I love blogging. I’ve had my own struggles with it, worrying my content isn’t good enough or that I’m not getting enough views. For a while it almost zapped all the fun out of blogging for me and I took a long break. I came back at the start of this year feeling motivated and inspired. Ready to blog with a fresh look at things and I’ve never looked back. My views have doubled since I’ve been consistently blogging, which is great. I love that people love my content but it hasn’t changed the reason that I blog. I blog when I want to, which at the moment is every other day pretty much. I really like being organised and having a blog schedule it just works for me. I write about content that I truly want to write about and I’ve honestly never loved blogging more.

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