Blogtober: Too Much Pressure?

I made the decision not to do Blogtober, after two months of seriously considering it and points where I actually thought I was going to go ahead and start writing out the posts I had planned. Coming up to the week before October 1st it suddenly dawned on me how much pressure it would be to get the rest of the posts planned to make sure I had a blog post for each day of the month.

It’s a lot of work and with a large task usually comes pressure to succeed and deliver. I work full-time, have a house to run along with hobbies that exist outside of blogging and for me I just knew that it would be too much for me. At first I felt like it was such a big deal and that I would be really missing out on growing my blog which led me to feeling a bit down about blogging and all that it entails, but then I remembered why I started blogging. For me. This pressure that I know a lot of us feel, we don’t have to let it get to us and get us down and make us feel bad about our blogs.

If blogging is your full-time job and you really want to participate in Blogtober then I think that’s brilliant. If blogging isn’t your full time job and you want to do Blogtober then that’s brilliant. If blogging is or isn’t your full-time job and you want to do Blogtober but know you won’t be able to fully commit then don’t worry. There are plenty of bloggers not doing Blogtober, your blog isn’t going to fail simply because you’re not posting every day in October.

If like me, you’ve been considering Blogtober but have had doubts, worries, thought that you might just go ahead with it anyway even though you have real concerns that it might be too much, then don’t do it. It’s not worth it for your own mental health, stress levels or anything tbh. If you’re still really keen then why not post an extra day each week if you have a set schedule? Come up with your own little catchy name for your extra Autumn/Halloween/October themed posts perhaps?

Of course if you still really really want to try Blogtober then by all means do but know that if you have a day or a few days where you cannot post, it is not the end of the world and you do not need to apologise to anyone be it on social media or in real life. Too many times I have seen people apologising for not getting a post up, it doesn’t need to be done. You don’t need to stress yourself out, people understand, especially other bloggers, which let’s face it are probably 80% if not more of your readers anyway!

The reasoning behind this post is that I have felt the pressure, felt down about something that I love doing; my blog. Feeling down or stressed out isn’t nice and I know to people who don’t blog that it might seem trivial, but blogging is hard work and means a lot to people. It’s not just a hobby for some, it’s their livelihood. Even for those like me where it’s just a hobby, it’s still hard work and I take it seriously and put a lot of time into my blog because I want it to be successful, who wouldn’t? If you’re ever getting stressed out about blogging then take a step back, remember why you started blogging and try to get back to that, your blog is for you. It should make you happy.

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8 thoughts on “Blogtober: Too Much Pressure?”

  • I think posting everyday is far too much! I try and post every 2 days and I struggle even doing that most of the time. The only time I can post a lot is for sponsored posts as you’re being paid for your time so it’s understandable that people who blog full time can do it!

  • I was going to try attempt blogtober but I really don’t think I’ll be able to, I would hate to put up content just for the sake of it. I’ve decided I’m going to post as much as I can throughout October as I have so many ideas but without the pressure so it will be less stressful!

  • Yes yes yes yes yes! I wrote a post one time about not committing to Blogtober or Blogmas and it’s all because I didn’t want to have to apologise if I failed! I think often we put the pressure on ourselves, I’m sure there’s nobody in the blogging community like omfg did you see twenty something meltdown didn’t blog every day in october??? But the pressure is real. It’s definitely got to be about enjoyment for me!

    • Definitely! I think the reality is no one would even notice because even though lots of people (including myself) have a set schedule anyway I wouldn’t notice if someone didn’t post one maybe even two times because who’s to say I have time to religiously read on that specific day each week you know? So the pressure definitely comes from within I think!

  • I absolutely agree with this! It’s far too much pressure to be finding content to post every day. I was going to do blogtober, but it was putting too much stress on me, so now I plan on posting every second or third day.

  • I wish I had enough time to write a post a day for a month! I’m at uni three days a week, work two days a week and have to blog in between either in the evenings or at the weekends when I have a spare hour or so! I definitely couldn’t do Blogtober 🙈
    Emma |

  • I never intended on doing Blogtober, and instead I’m just focusing on some Halloween inspired / autumn posts to fit in with my schedule! I knew that with uni starting back, and the impending pressure of deadlines, I would never be able to keep up. I am going to attempt Blogmas though, I already have some of my posts planned out and written because I’m trying to be organised as best as I can but who knows how it will all turn out! x

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