Cosy Autumn Days At Home

So I’m currently eating Bourbon Biscuits whilst I’m writing this, which you could argue is the base for a cosy autumn day in itself but I actually have a few other things I like to do when I’m having a cosy day. Cosy days at home are my favourites, especially when it’s raining or stormy. There’s something so comforting and nice about being inside and watching the rain beat against the windows. Really makes me wish it was raining now to be honest, but as it’s not I guess I’ll just make do with the lovely October sunshine we’re having and tell you about the things I like to do on a cosy day at home.

  1. Watch any of the fist three Harry Potter films – Don’t get me wrong I love all of the Harry Potter films, as well as the books but the first three are definitely the best. Watching HP never fails to make me feel cosy and snuggly.
  2. Bake – Baking is the perfect activity for a cosy day indoors, it also provides you with snacks to eat during said Harry Potter marathon. My personal favourites this time of year are Autumn/Halloween themed sugar cookies, brownies or pumpkin spiced cupcakes!
  3. Make hot chocolate – I love hot chocolate at this time year, especially with lots of squirty cream on top! Extra points for marshmallows and dusted cocoa.
  4. Read – There’s something so comforting about snuggling up under a blanket and reading a good book, especially if you have a freshly baked brownie and a mug of hot chocolate to snack on.
  5. Knit – I love knitting and for me it’s a seasonal hobby. It’s not something I do at any other time of the year apart from Autumn and Winter, but I love that. It’s almost like a tradition for me and it makes me so excited for Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas.
  6. Light candles – My house has candles burning all year round, particularly in the evenings but even more so as the nights start pulling in and the temperature begins to drop. Candles make any room feel instantly cosier in my opinion, they create such a lovely warm atmosphere and when they smell of Cinnamon Sugared Donuts what’s not to love?
  7. Put fresh PJ’s on – Is there any better feeling than showering and instead of putting on clothes, putting on a fresh pair of pyjamas because you know you have a cosy day planned? No need to answer, there’s not.
  8. Blogging – Cosy days don’t automatically mean you have to sit on the sofa and veg out all day (although that is a great way to spend them). You can be productive whilst watching a movie/Netflix and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. Sure, I’m having a pretty lazy day for the most part but writing blog posts whilst watching a film and eating Bourbon Biscuits doesn’t sound bad to me.

Cosy days are my favourite days ever, there’s nothing better than not having to leave the house and getting to just relax and feel cosy is there? What do you like to do on your cosy days at home?


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