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Anyone who knows me knows I love decorating for the holidays and pretty much any occasion going. Easter however is a holiday I haven’t actually decorated for before. I’ve decorated for Spring, changing the cushions out on the sofa etc but I haven’t ever got around to buying decorations and decorating for Easter. Until now.

Decorating for Easter

I popped out this morning to my local ASDA and found they had two Easter tree’s left at only £4 each. I almost squealed. Of course I snapped one up immediately. I’ve seen these everywhere this year but I’ve always been somewhere when I would have to carry it home precariously rather than the safety of the boot of my car. They’ve also been considerably more expensive in other places.

Decorating for Easter

If you haven’t seen an Easter tree before then firstly, where have you been? Secondly, here’s one. They’re basically a bare tree, usually in white, that you decorate with Easter themed ornaments. There are lots of places you can buy Easter decorations to hang on your Easter tree as well as lots of places you can buy Easter trees from. Hobbycraft have this lovely white one (more expensive than my £4 ASDA bargain one but not horrendously expensive either).  Not on the High Street also have quite a few in various colours and at various price points. I love this rose gold one and this adorable Easter egg-shaped one, so cute! If you really feel like splashing the cash on your Easter decor then maybe this ultra cute pastel pom-pom Easter tree is for you. Easter decorations are so cute, decorating for Easter might become my second favourite holiday to decorate for, after Christmas of course.

Whilst of course you can buy pre-made decorations for your tree and I would have had they had any in ASDA, making them is super easy to do. I picked up this selection of decorations from ASDA which I believe are supposed to be for decorating Easter bonnets, they aren’t hangable (but they will be further on in this blog post) and they were all between 50p to £1 per pack. The bunting I believe was around £2.

They had quite a large selection of Easter decorations, albeit not sold Easter tree ready, but they were all under £1 a pack and you really can’t go wrong with little pastel coloured chicks can you? I opted for a pack of 4 felt lambs, a pack of 12 pastel chicks, a pack of 4 yellow chicks, a pack of glitter carrots (you get loads for £1), a pack of 4 white bunnies and some foam shapes. Including the tree and the bunting I think I spent around a tenner. Everything was already marked down in the sale so I’m not sure how much things were full price but they can’t have been much more than what I paid to be honest.

To make the bonnet decorations into hangable tree ornaments I bought some brush on super glue and white thread. I decided to go for brush on super glue because I thought it would be a lot less fiddly and I was right. It was so easy to apply and a minimal amount got on my fingers.

I cut pieces of thread to a size suitable to be able to tie a loop into whilst still leaving the two tail end pieces long enough to glue to the decoration. Next I tied the thread so it had a loop and then placed the two tail end pieces laying next to each other on the back of the decoration. Finally I then brushed a layer of super glue over the tail end of the thread and used the brush to press the thread down on the ornament. Using anything else just means it will stick to that instead of the ornament so if you fancy giving this a go yourself I recommend getting the brush on glue. I got mine in ASDA but you can get it on Amazon too as well as lots of other supermarkets and stationery shops I imagine.


For the fluffy ornaments like the chicks, I applied the glue to the chicks “feathers” first and then placed the thread down carefully. I then brushed another layer of super glue over the top. It doesn’t take long to dry but I advise leaving your decorations for a good half an hour to make sure the thread is secure. I’d also recommend doing it on top of a towel/kitchen roll/protective mat etc as you don’t want to get super glue everywhere!

It took me about an hour to make all of the decorations on my tree including the drying time and I’m so happy with how they turned out. The white thread is almost invisible from a distance and the little decorations all look so cute. My favourite are the carrots and the lambs, I love how their little legs are angled.

Decorating for Easter

If you don’t fancy getting crafty but still want to do some decorating for Easter there are plenty of places you can buy Easter tree ornaments with no assembly required! Here are some of my fave picks to make decorating for Easter easy*.


Decorating for Easter

I love my new collection of Easter decorations and can’t wait to add to them next year. Decorating for Easter has been so much fun and I really liked making the decorations for the tree. My house feels ready for Spring now, especially with the vases of daffodils on every windowsill.  Next year though I’ll try to get in on the Easter decorations a bit earlier perhaps!

Decorating for Easter

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Decorating for Easter

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