Finding the Motivation to Work Out

I’ve always loved the idea of working out, being confident with my body, feeling good about myself etc, but actually exercising? That’s usually a different story. I’ve gone through lots of times in my life where I’ve worked out for a period of time and then fallen off of the wagon and stopped and then just not started again for months and months.

Towards the end of 2017 I knew I wanted to get back into it but I found it really hard to get the motivation to work out again. It’s a strange feeling to want to do something but also not have the motivation and for me, what it really came down to was the fact that I knew it was going to be hard. Working out, when you’re not used to it is hard at first, your muscles ache loads after your first work out and you just spend most of the actual working out thinking “I want this to be over”, but after it’s done, when you’ve stretched out properly and had a shower, you feel so good. This is the feeling that motivates me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve only been working out for a couple of weeks, I’m certainly no fitness expert but starting is the hardest part. The first few weeks into a new habit are the most crucial to making it stick I think and so keeping yourself motivated is really key. Working out makes me feel so positive and happy and I love that feeling. The endorphin kick I get after a exercising makes every gruelling work out worth it. I don’t want to fall out of the routine of working out again, it’s so good for my physical and mental health, so I wanted to write this post for myself but also for others who are struggling with motivation.

I love working out and yes, sometimes I can’t be bothered. I try to push through as much as I can but sometimes I have the odd day where I give myself the day off but that’s fine. I try to work out 3/4 times a week (usually 3) but I’m not super strict with myself because I know that won’t work. The more pressure I put on myself the more likely I am to give up, but if I keep focussing on the achievement I feel after I’ve worked out then I know I’ll keep at it.

What are your tips for keeping motivated to work out? I’d love to hear them 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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