Going into a New Month: February Flip Through

Finally the seemingly never-ending month of January is over and we’re into fresh February. I love February because not only is it a super short month, but it’s that much closer to Spring and lighter nights and mornings.

I’m really pleased with how I’ve set my bullet journal up for February, I’ve switched things up a bit rather than just using my usual weekly layout so I’m excited to see how this month pans out.

I decided to try out a grid/calendar style monthly spread this month, which isn’t something I usually include when I’m setting up a new month but February is set to be a busy month work wise so I thought this spread would be helpful. I wasn’t too bothered about using a ruler for the each box either, something I’m usually religious about. I’m trying to be a bit less of a perfectionist with my bujo when it comes to constantly using a ruler etc because I actually find that I like the look of it more when it’s not all perfectly drawn out.

I really mixed things up with February’s weekly spreads, if you’ve seen my previous bujo post then you’ll know I normally stick to the same layout every week but after being inspired by some layouts I saw on Pinterest I decided on a couple of different layouts which led to me having a different layout for each week.

I think the layout pictured above is my favourite, aesthetically, I’m writing this on February 3rd so I haven’t had a proper chance to use it yet but if I have enough space on each day then it may be a keeper!

The next two layouts are of a similar style to the one I usually use but with a bit more separation between each day. I like simple layouts for the most part but I’d quite like to experiment with some more extravagant spreads in the future because I’ve seen so many on Pinterest that include trackers and meal plans and all sorts that look so good.

If you’ve just started your bullet journal though and you’re worried about being able to keep up with it, remember that it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated if you don’t want it to be. For some people bullet journalling is also a hobby and they love filling them up with collections, trackers etc (me!) but if you just want it to be as functional as possible and use it only as a planner then that is fine. Simple layouts can look nice too, you don’t have to include loads of trackers, colours or drawings for that. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, it’s just a notebook at the end of the day and it should be something you enjoy doing.

I’ve been using this Sleep Tracker for a few months now and I’m still loving it. I fill it in every morning for the hours I slept the night before and I quite like seeing how many hours of sleep I get each night and looking back and being able to remember what I did on a certain day just because of the time I went to bed/got up.

I’ve also been using this habit tracker for the past few months, it’s such a simple design and having it horizontal means it only takes up one page but I can still fit the entire month on there.

These next two pages are completely new editions to my bullet journal. We’ve saving to buy our first house so I thought it was time I really start tracking what I’m spending and where I’m spending it, although I don’t know how well it’s going to work out just yet! I really like having a list of all of my outgoings each month to reference back to though and that’s definitely something I’m going to be keeping.

This Netflix Series Tracker is something I found on Pinterest and just had to include in my bullet journal. I love the design and it makes me want to sit down and watch Netflix rather than scroll on my phone whilst doing nothing, which is a bad habit that I’ve somehow gotten into and then I realise it’s 8pm and I’m done literally nothing with my day.

I’m not someone who’s massively into watching tv/films, I prefer more creative hobbies that keep my mind active however, I do like to binge a few episodes of these shows every now and again (along with repeatedly watching The Simpsons/Only Fools and Horses/ Harry Potter).

Another new edition is this Word of The Day spread, which yes, I’m a few days short of filling in (I’m going to do it today, promise!) I use a word of the day app for this and again this is an idea I got from Pinterest. I love learning new words and I thought this was a great way to do it, it’s something I’ll be able to look back on too.

Pinterest strikes again! Pretty much all of my bujo inspo comes from either Pinterest or Instagram tbh. If you’re starting out those are definitely two of the main places I would suggest if you’re looking for layout or collection ideas etc. I thought the idea of a separate weather tracker, rather than lumping it in with the weekly spread was such a good idea. At the moment I’m just drawing little icons for what the weather was like but I’ve seen some people also fill in the high and low temps which is something I might incorporate next month.

The nail polish tracker was something I wanted to do because I find I just wear the same colour again and again but with a tracker I thought I might be more inclined to mix it up a bit!

A tried and true classic to finish off! Whilst my bullet journal is a hobby, it’s also a functional planner than I use all of the time for anything and everything pretty much. Meal planning and writing down my  shopping list is something that I find really useful as I do our food shop online most of the time so it helps to know exactly what meals we’re having and what ingredients we need well in advance, as sometimes I’ll do a food shop a week before it’s going to be delivered.

That’s it so far for February! I don’t know how much more I’ll add to this month apart from maybe a few more grocery lists and meal plans but I’m sure there will be another bujo post if I include anything brand new!


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