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Last Friday was my hen party and I had such a nice time. I wanted to do something nice and simple and just celebrate the fact that I’m getting married next month (can’t believe it’s next month, I honestly cannot wait). I’m not a big drinker so I didn’t want to go mad on some wild hen party weekend or anything, plus we’re having a super small wedding so that didn’t make sense and it’s also just not my thing at all.

What I did decide on was an afternoon tea. I adore afternoon tea. I love the little finger sandwiches and cakes and I just love how different places do their own take on it. A place that absolutely nails this beyond belief is Park House in Cardiff. This was the first time I had ever been but oh my word. This place is unreal. Everything was homemade, the cakes, pastries etc were just absolutely beautiful. Not to mention the sandwiches and little appetisers served beforehand.

We had the French-themed afternoon tea and it was honestly just wonderful. I cannot stop talking about it and I pretty much haven’t all week. It was such a memorable occasion and everyone who came agreed. The staff were lovely and ever so accommodating, the building is beautiful and the picture below says plenty if my constant raving hasn’t already said enough.


Hen Party Cakes


After the afternoon tea we headed out for cocktails and I tried gin for the first time. I know, where have I been. I finally tried pink gin and lemonade and I’ve got to say, I loved it. I’m not a big drinker and rarely drink, especially now that I can drive. However, gin and lemonade if definitely going to be my go-to tipple when I do fancy one.

As for classic hen party attire, I had a sash that said bride-to-be and a little badge that said the same. Whilst, the rest of the party wore badges that said bride squad. Obviously, we also had the obligatory willy straws. It just has to be done really doesn’t it?

It was so nice to celebrate with everyone and now I just am even more excited for the big day itself!


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