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How I Organise My Bullet Journal Supplies

As an avid user of the bullet journal system, a well stocked stationery collection of bullet journal supplies goes hand in hand. Fineliners, felt tips, stencils, colouring pencils you name it, I’ve probably got it. At one point I had about five pencil cases on the go because I have so many pens and pencils that they wouldn’t fit into just one, but five pencil cases are pretty annoying to cart around your house depending on what room you’re in so I had a good think about how I could organise my stash and I think I’ve cracked it.


Bullet Journal Supplies


I looked into bigger pencil cases, specific planner organisers and caddies but all of these options were well over the £10 mark for the most part and I wasn’t willing to spend that much on something that was basically just going to hold pens. What I ended up going for was your basic run of the mill kitchen cleaning caddy. I picked mine up at ASDA for around £2.50 but you can find them at Wilko, B&M etc too and they’re so affordable.


Bullet Journal Supplies


The most ideal one, for bullet journal supplies that is, is one that has the two separate compartments like the ASDA one does. I find they really help to keep my fineliners and felt tips separate rather than them all just being in one compartment getting muddled up.

I use the long, single compartment to keep my ruler, stencils and little pencil case of colouring pencils. I don’t use proper colouring pencils much anymore and tend to stick to fineliners and felt tips for colour so having them in their own little case doesn’t bother me and stops them from rolling about.

It’s so handy to carry up and down the stairs and I always have my stationery stash at my fingertips. better yet it only cost £2.50!

How do you organise your stationery?


Bullet Journal Supplies

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How I Organise My Bullet Journal Supplies

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