How I Plan My Weeks out in My Bullet Journal

If you’ve been around here for a while you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the bullet journal system and have used it for a couple of years now. I use my bullet journal for anything and everything I can but primarily to plan. I usually plan out the following week on a Sunday afternoon. Setting up a new weekly layout, adding in all the things I have to do that week. It’s something I actually look forward to, I love planning out everything. Keeping organised keeps me sane, something I know a lot of people can relate to.

I start my planning process by choosing a layout usually, although for July I’ve actually planned out each weekly layout in advance as I wanted to try out some new layout designs. Once I’ve chosen a layout I look at my future log for the month and see what needs pencilling in where and then set about filling in my week. I don’t add too many tasks at the start, even though I know things I need to do daily. I try to wait until the day to add those daily to-do’s because plans can change and I don’t want to waste the space if I know I’m not going to feasibly be able to complete the task anyway.

Sometimes I plan out the layout design in pencil first, usually if it’s one I haven’t done before. Sometimes I’m feeling confident and go straight in with pen. Mistakes happen and I’m learning to accept them, albeit gradually. Tippex mice and white gel pens are a godsend I’ll tell you that.

I particularly am enjoying experimenting with different layouts at the moment. In my previous bullet journal, I dabbled a little with different layouts but stuck to the same style for the most part. Whereas in this journal I really want to be more creative rather than just sticking to the same layout week on week.


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread


I would say, at this point, I know what I need from a weekly layout. Plenty of space for daily to-do lists. I don’t particularly need a dedicated section for a meal plan etc because I can include things like that in my section for each day. Obviously, I haven’t used any of these yet but I’m confident that I’ve chosen well and will have adequate space for each day. I haven’t included the first week of July as it’s just my normal layout and I’ve also already filled most of it in and some of the stuff I would have had to blur out. You can see an almost identical version at the end of this post though.

I really like this first weekly layout. It uses up the entirety of the space available, gives an equal space for each day of the week and leaves a box free for a ‘next week’ section. I like the idea of having a space to plan out the next week in advance as it means I’m less likely to forget them when it actually comes down to that week.



I’ve kept a colourful theme throughout, for the most part, bar the last week. This week, in particular, I’ve gone with the theme of the month, ice cream. This vertical layout is something I’ve tried once before and really liked so I’m sure I’ll enjoy using this layout. This design allows me to not only have a box for the following week but also a section for notes.

I’m also very happy with how the ice cream doodles turned out here!

Last but not least I have what is probably my most used weekly layout. I haven’t gone for colour here as of yet but I’m sure I will add some when it comes to using this week. I love using colour in my bullet journal. I’ve found, over the last year or so in particular, that when my bujo is colourful it makes me want to use it more. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that in a blog post before actually.

I’m looking forward to trying each of these layouts out and seeing how they look once they’re complete. I love seeing a weekly spread when it’s all filled in and even more so when it’s full of completed tasks rather than crossed out ones!

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a productive week!

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