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July Bullet Journal Setup

I recently filled up my previous bullet journal which ran from January 2018 to July 2018 and therefore needed to move into a new one, which I did and documented in a blog post a few days ago. I’m so excited to share my July bullet journal setup on my blog and more so to start using it now that we’re only a few days away!

As we’re now officially celebrating the arrival of Summer I felt it was only fitting to have ice cream as this theme for July. August is my birthday month and the month Will and I are getting married so obvs already got themes aplenty there. Ice creams for July it is! I’m really happy with how my cover page turned out. I did it all in pencil first because I am not the most gifted when it comes to drawing, but after a little scroll on Pinterest for some ice cream doodles, I felt happy enough to have a go in pen. I love them all but I think my favourite has got to be the fruit pastilles lolly, they’re just the best aren’t they. I wish I had one right now.

To set the month off I decided to include a master to do list next to my cover page, to keep track of all of the things I need to remember that aren’t date/time specific. I love me a good ol’ master to do list. In fact, I love a list full stop to be honest. Lists really come into their own with the squared pages and I really cannot rate them enough.


July Bujo Cover Page


I decided to stick to the classic calendar layout for my month at a glance spread. It’s one that’s tried and true for me and I love how it looks. I’m not against switching it up in months to come but for now, it works for me. I’ve kept the ice cream theme going through the month of July as you can see from the little orange ice lolly by the mini July calendar. If you guessed Solero, you would be right. Probably my favourite ice cream of all time. They’re just the perfect combination of ice lolly and ice cream and my freezer is never without them. Except for right now because you only get three in a box and I ate them all and haven’t done a food shop yet ok? But usually, when I haven’t eaten them all and have done a food shop my freezer contains Soleros.



As with previous months, I have also stuck to the calendar layout for my blog calendar. I love using a classic style calendar for this because it’s so easy to manage and keep track of. I like to have enough space to write out each blog post and include what time it goes live etc and the size of these boxes is perfect for that. Went for a slightly bigger ice cream this time. No particular brand in mind, just your classic scoop of ice cream with sprinkles. Ice cream should always have sprinkles, or at the very least bubblegum sauce. We used to live by this park that had an ice cream shop within it and they did the best ice cream with bubblegum sauce and chopped nuts. I never thought nuts and ice cream were a thing but boy do they work well together.



Sticking with the ice cream theme once more (twice if you count the budget page) I have my habit tracker. I don’t actually know of an all purple ice cream or lolly, do Ribena do one on a stick as well as a Calippo style one?

I’ve left plenty of space to add any extra habits that come to mind as I haven’t started using this yet (obvs) so still have a few days to think up some more. Filling in my habit tracker is one of my favourite things to do in my bullet journal, I mean it’s all my fave tbh because I just love bullet journaling but I do enjoy filling in my habit tracker and looking back on them. There’s just something I find really interesting about tracking how often I do things and evidently so do lots of people because habit trackers are pretty much a bullet journal staple.



Finally, I have my final page in my July bullet journal setup, my July budget. I use this double page spread to plan out my expenses for the month. What I need to pay for, how much I want to save and how much I have leftover after all my outgoings. I find budgeting really helps me not to overspend in certain areas. As well as save more instead of just frittering it away mindlessly. Saving money was one of my big goals for this year and I really want to take it seriously so a budget is the way forward for me.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my bullet journal, as always leave your links to your bullet journal posts below so I can have a nose!



Thanks for reading!


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