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July Favourites

Well here we are yet again, I know everyone says this but I can’t believe another month has flown gone by. This does mean we’re getting ever closer to Autumn though so it’s not all bad. I’m so excited for Autumn/Winter clothes, decorating for Halloween and Christmas and of course stocking up on the Halloween and Christmas Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitisers, which has sort of become a tradition for me. If you didn’t already know these are super easy to find on eBay and they’re only around £2.50 each, huzzah!

The first two products I want to mention go hand in hand, I needed a new blow drying brush as the old one I had was from when my hair was super long and was far too big, so I popped into Boots on the way home from work one night. This popping into Boots on the way home from work malarkey is become a bad habit of mine I know. I picked up this small vented blow drying brush from Denman and I’ve got to say I’ve really been loving it. It’s made blow drying my hair so much easier. The bristles are quite hard so you don’t want to be too heavy handed with it but as it’s specifically for blow drying they need to be quite hard or they would warp, which is not what you want unless you’re trying to tangle your hair into knots.

I love OGX products and had been using the Anti Frizz Hydrating Kukuí Oil for ages until it ran out recently. I decided to try a different hair oil this time around, so I opted for the Argan of Morocco Weightless Reviving Dry Oil and I have no regrets. Going blonde has meant that my hair has taken a bit of a beating, despite having Olaplex every time I go to the salon, so I want to really focus on the condition and health of my hair. I love using a hair oil because non only does it penetrate the hair follicle deeper but it also tames  frizz and makes your hair super silky and shiny.

If you read my Summer Skincare Routine post back in May then you’ll already know that I have been loving this Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash & Mask from Neutrogena for months now. It keeps my skin clear and because it’s a cream wash it doesn’t dry my skin out either, if you have dry skin but get the occasional breakouts then this face wash is for you. The other great thing about this is that it can also be used as a face mask, which I usually do once a week to really cleanse my skin and keep my pores clear.

I featured this concealer from Bourjois back in my Make Up Favourites: May post but I love it so much that I couldn’t not feature it again, because I use it literally every day. It’s a brilliant concealer, particularly for under the eyes as it’s ultra brightening. The coverage is great and it’s also really hydrating so you’re not left with that crusty (soz, vile word when you’re not talking about bread), dehydrating feeling that some concealers can give you.

I picked up these super cute studs from New Look recently and I’ve worn a different set almost every day ever since I bought them. The hearts are my favourite but the little jewelled studs are really pretty too and for £4.99 for six pairs of earrings what’s not to love?

The next two products I also featured in my Make Up Favourites: May post, at least you know they’re truly favourites right? Almost every blogger has been raving about this mascara and rightfully so. It’s amazing, especially if you have ultra straight lashes that struggle holding a curl. The packaging is also super cute, which is always a plus in my book.

It’s probably worth pointing out that despite also owning the Ben Nye Cameo Setting Powder (which is still lush don’t get me wrong), it’s this that I’ve been reaching for day to day. It keeps my make up in place all day, despite the amazingly hot Summer we’ve been having and it’s great for baking under the eyes. It’s only £2 too, can you believe that? £2 for a setting powder that is just as good as high end in my opinion. Find it here or at your local ASDA.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been loving this month, I always love writing these posts and talking about products that I really love.

What have you been loving lately? Have you tried any of the same products I’ve mentioned? What did you think of them?

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