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I’d start this post off by saying how I can’t believe it’s June already but when you consider how nice the weather has been lately, it’s really not hard to believe. We’ve had such a lush spate of weather recently and I have been loving it. It’s currently bank holiday Monday and I’m writing this whilst sipping on sparkling rose and lemonade (Sprite, to be exact). We’re ordering a Chinese in a bit and I have another day off tomorrow too. Bank holiday weekend goals right there.

I don’t like to waffle on with these posts too much, although that tends to be what ends up happening. I do one of these posts every month (ICYMI here’s last months) and by now I feel they’re pretty self-explanatory so I’m conscious of repeating myself. My June bullet journal setup is much like previous months, although for the first time in a while I have got rid of a couple of things. Not particularly because I didn’t enjoy them, more so because I didn’t find I had the time for them each day.

I love filling in my bujo each day but when there’s too much to fill in it can become a bit difficult and a little tiresome and I don’t want that. I want my bullet journal to be something I enjoy using so when I find something isn’t working for me anymore I stop using it. That’s the great thing about a bullet journal, you can adapt it to exactly what you need, even if that changes month on month or week by week.


Calendar Page June Bujo


My June calendar is one I’m particularly happy with this month. I really like how the sunflowers came out, they add a pop of colour that I really missed last month. I love the simplicity of just using black ink but realistically colour is where it’s at for me. I found I didn’t really reach for my bujo as much during the month of May and I really feel that’s because of the lack of colour I used when I created my setup. I used my bullet journal loads during April which was a super colourful month so I really noticed the difference in May. 100% going to be using colour in my bujo from here on out, no exceptions.

I’ve kept my habit tracker the same as last months, tracking pretty much all the same stuff. My habit tracker is my favourite thing to fill in each day in my bujo. It’s essentially like a progress report really isn’t it? You get to fill in a box every time you do something good (or bad as the case may be)  which makes you feel good when you see how much you’ve done said thing at the end of the month. My habit tracker is one thing I don’t think will ever leave from my monthly setup.


June Habit Tracker Bujo


In April I tried out a vertical blog calendar that was integrated with my monthly calendar. Whilst this layout worked fine, I definitely prefer the classic calendar layout. May hasn’t exactly been a busy blogging month for me, I’ve blogged a total of five times, including this post. I just either haven’t had the motivation or the time, to be honest. I hate when blogging motivation dips, I love my blog and writing blog posts but when that motivation goes it really sucks. Hopefully, it sticks around for June (and the foreseeable) though!


Blog Calendar Bujo



Finally, the last two pages of my June bullet journal setup (before all the weekly spreads etc but those are for another post). My meal planner and budget pages. I’m a big advocate of meal planning. It helps you stay organised and also saves you so much money because when you do your shopping, you’re not just mindlessly adding items to your basket. You’re only shopping for the ingredients that make up the meals you have planned. I’ve been meal planning for about 2 years now and I’ve never looked back. If you’re looking to get into meal planning but are struggling for meal idea take a peek at my Pinterest. Pinterest is my main source of recipes and meal ideas so my boards are stocked full of recipes that are tried and true for the most part.


Bullet Journal June Shopping List and Meal Planner


I hope you enjoyed this post! As always leave your own bullet journal blog post links below, I love a nose into other people’s bullet journals!


Thanks for reading!

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