March Bullet Journal Setup

Here it is, my Bullet Journal setup for March. March has been a strange month so far, here in Wales we celebrate St Davids Day on March 1st which is usually a very Spring like day weather wise, however it ended up being the most epic snow day we’ve had in years. I got sent home from work (along with most of Cardiff) and spent most of the afternoon/evening watching the snow fall whilst blogging on the sofa and writing in my bullet journal. We basically had a red weather warning for most of the day and well into the early hours of Friday.

March Bullet Journal Monthly Log

Despite the treacherous weather conditions a new month still means a new setup in my bullet journal and that is always something to be excited about. I love setting up a new month, there’s something so satisfying about starting fresh and drawing out a new calendar ready to fill with events and tasks for the month ahead. ICYMI, I recently moved into a new bullet journal and I’m in a pretty good routine so far.

So far I’m really enjoying starting each month with a monthly calendar for personal/work events and then having a separate calendar for my blog. I tend to use the same design for both but I really like to use a standard calendar layout because you know where you are with it. I have plenty of room to write in each box and it’s super clear for me to see what’s happening when. The only thing I’m not 100% with is the measurements. I need to work on getting them right so that all the boxes are the same size because things like that bug me a little.

Bullet Journal March Blog Calendar

After my two calendar setups I have my habit tracker and sleep tracker. This month I’m trying something a little different with my sleep tracker. Instead of writing out the hours for each day of the month I’ve decided to just write them along the top and then colour in the squares for the hours I slept. I figured doing it this way would save not only time but also my wrist because writing out 558 is kind of annoying.

The things that I track in my habit tracker can change depending on specific goals I have that month but for the most part they looks like this. I usually do a dot each day for whatever it is I’ve done (or haven’t done as the case may be) but this month I’ve gone for coloured lines in each square instead. Purely because I thought it would look pretty tbh, but it will also make a nice change.

My last two pages that I have are my mood tracker and march gratitude log. I’ll do a flip through post of my bujo at the end of the month I’m sure, where I’ll include all my weekly spreads and lists and meal plans etc so apologies if this doesn’t give you a proper idea of what either of these things are for (if you’re not a bullet journalist). Check back at the end of the month for that post to see these filled in but essentially each day in March. I’ll colour in a petal for whatever colour represents my mood than day (I’ve created a key since I took this photo also). I used a similar mood tracker in my February setup which if you saw my Moving into a New Bullet Journal post you’ll have already seen (fyi, I used hearts).

The gratitude log is a pretty simple setup which you’ll have seen if you saw my Moving into a New Bullet Journal post. I write something I’m grateful for each day at the end of each day, for every day of the month. I say it’s simple and then use that sentence but I swear it is. I really like this page and look forward to filling it in every evening. It’s so nice to look back on the things you were grateful for each month and equally it’s great to find something every day to be grateful for. It definitely helps you to focus on the positives.

I hope you enjoyed this little look through how I’ve setup my bullet journal for March. Please leave links to your bullet journal posts below (if you write them ofc) or instagram if you post on there. Always keen to follow another bullet journal fanatic like me.

Thanks for reading!

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