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May Bullet Journal Setup

It’s been a bit quiet here this past week. I’ve found myself completely without time to blog/bullet journal or anything else for that matter. If I’m completely honest, without motivation too. I’ve been so tired catching up with work and chore and planning wedding stuff that I just haven’t had the energy to do much else. This weekend I’ve had a bit of a reset (although it’s still been a busy one!) and managed to create my May bullet journal setup. I love going into a new month, it feels like a fresh start and always motivates me. Motivation is something I’ve really been lacking in these past few weeks and I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Monthly Setup May Bujo

This month I decided to go for a black and white theme, no colour at all. Quite a bold move for me since I love adding colour to my bullet journal. I’m not sure it will last the whole month, I’m already considering adding some colour tbh but I also really like how it looks in black and white. It’s clear, crisp and everything is easy to see but still aesthetically pleasing which of course is what every bullet journalist is most concerned with. We all want our bullet journals to look good, it’s just part and parcel of creating something isn’t it?

I kept this month’s calendar layout really simple, no integrated blog calendar, just your standard monthly setup. Don’t get me wrong I loved last months setup but this month I just fancied something a little plainer and I wanted to do a separate blog calendar. I prefer the blog calendar to be displayed in a classic calendar style I’ve decided. The list style I used last month was fine and worked perfectly well but I just thought it looked a bit messy next to my monthly calendar. I also didn’t have much space when it came to writing in the blog posts.

May Editorial Calendar

This months habit tracker has had a complete revamp. I’ve decided to start using a two page spread for it rather than just using one and having to turn my bujo on its side every time I fill a square in. I don’t know why I haven’t used this layout sooner really. It makes much more sense than only using one page and a design that isn’t even the right way around. Definitely a layout I’m going to be sticking to.

Another change I made to this tracker was adding in household chores. It made more sense to me to have them in this tracker rather than just writing them out on each day within each weekly spread. I also needed to fill the extra space that this new layout has and this worked perfectly.

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker May

Now I know I already have a section on my regular habit tracker for tracking workouts however since buying a cross trainer I wanted to be able to track the specifics of each workout that I do. Distance, time, calories, heart rate, how I felt after each one etc. That way I figure I can track how I’m improving each day/week/month. I’m really loving working out, especially now I can make it seem like less of a chore by catching up on tv shows whilst I exercise.

Bujo Workout Tracker

Two pages here that haven’t changed from last month. My sleep tracker I’m still really enjoying using this same layout. It’s less labour intensive on the hand when I write it out and I love the way it looks once it’s filled in. My meal planning page is something that has stayed the same month on month for a while now. It works for me to just write out the meals I’ve shopped for and then tick them off as we have them but I’m definitely open to a more extravagant layout in the future. I mean I’m always open to an extravagant bullet journal layout. The more extravagant the better. Let’s say extravagant again shall we? E-x-t-r-a-v-a-g-a-n-t.

May Bujo Sleep Tracker

I missed out a couple of days with April’s gratitude log due to being too sick or too busy to fill in this page (or use my bujo at all tbh). I got really poorly at the start of April and just had no energy for anything which sucked. I’m really looking forward to filling in every day during the month of May and still really enjoyed looking back at my April log and seeing what I was grateful for.

Bujo May Gratitude Log

Finally I leave you with the first weekly spread for May, again super simple. I may or may not add some colour here and there. I haven’t really decided yet. I love how the black and white looks but at the same time I’m so used to adding colour to my bullet journal that it kind of seems weird not to have it. Maybe May will be the month I finally do a bujo flip through and you’ll see what I decided on!

I decided to give an old tried and true weekly layout a go. I have been loving vertical layouts lately but I dunno, something just made me want to go back to horizontal style this week. I’m sure this month will have a few vertical layouts in it (in fact I know it will) but I’m happy with how this looks and the space I have to plan. I may or may not go back and add the weather in for each day, I’m undecided yet. I do love a good weather icon though.

Bujo May Weekly Setup

I hope you enjoyed seeing my May bullet journal setup. As always please link me to your bullet journal posts/insta etc below, I love having a snoop in other people’s bullet journals!

Thanks for reading!

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