Migrating into My Next Bullet Journal

It feels so weird to be writing a blog post after not writing one for a few weeks now. This is a post I really wanted to do and it’s one I’m excited about because it’s about migrating into my new bullet journal. Already we have flown through the first six months of 2018 and I have completed one bullet journal this year. For most people, one bujo lasts an entire year, but when you use it for literally everything it’s just not possible. I use my bullet journal every day. Shopping lists, meal plans, to-do lists. You name it, I use my bujo for it.

I have a feeling this might be quite a long, rambling post so you may want to grab a cuppa and a snack. I’ve included lots of photos in this post because I know that’s what I like to see when reading other people’s bullet journal themed blog posts. I love seeing how other people set up their bujo or how they use it in their everyday life. I love reading bullet journal blog posts so please link away in the comments!


Moving into my new bullet journal


All of my previous bullet journals have been dotted Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks and I thought I would always stick with dotted but after much deliberation, I finally decided it was time for a change. This time around (largely inspired by quite possibly my fave blogger ever, Gwennan from Twenty Something Meltdown) I have opted for a square grid Leuchtturm and I don’t think I’m ever gonna look back. I love how the squares look on the page, how much easier it is to draw to-do lists and lines. To be quite honest, there is nothing I don’t love about the square layout.

Colour-wise this time I’ve gone for red and I’m so glad I did. I really wasn’t sure what to go for and really liked the yellow but I didn’t feel it was the right choice for the second half of the year. Whereas red will see me through the entire holiday season. I don’t know why I feel the colour of my bullet journal has to represent the time of year/holidays but there’s something satisfying about it doing so don’t you think? Which is exactly why I’m going to be asking for the yellow version for Christmas ready for the first half of 2019. I promise I won’t mention Christmas again, I’m well aware it’s only June. Don’t panic.



When I realised I wasn’t going to have enough space in my previous bullet journal to get me past June I started planning out migrating into my next bujo. I wanted to make sure I knew what I wanted to migrate and what I didn’t. What I wanted to add and what I wanted to remove. Moving into a new bullet journal means you have almost a completely fresh start, you can switch things up and change how you do things entirely. I highly recommend using your current bujo to plan ahead for your next one. I laid out different sections and almost quizzed myself on how I used my bullet journal. I had a section on what I would keep going forward, what has worked for me, what hasn’t, what new additions I would like to add, etc. I found this really helped when it came to setting up my new bujo as I had it all planned out. I knew what I wanted to migrate over, what I wanted to add that I hadn’t used before. It took away the worry of adding things in the wrong order and then being annoyed at myself for “ruining it”. I’m such a perfectionist and I find it really hard to accept mistakes. It’s something I’m working on this time around for sure!

In conjunction with the above, I also sketched out each page that I knew I wanted in my new bullet journal and put them in the order I wanted. I did all of this in pencil in my previous bujo so that as I want planning I could move the order around easily with the help of an eraser. I ended up moving the order of things around quite a lot so this helped loads. Once I had planned out how I wanted my new bullet journal set up when it came to migrating over existing parts of my, now previous bullet journal I got to work looking for new additions. I had a running list of things I wanted to include in the future along with a bunch of ideas saved on Pinterest so finding inspiration wasn’t hard! I sketched out all of my new additions too and this is where a lot of moving pages around happened. I wanted to keep certain sections together that made sense e.g. master grocery list and cleaning calendar as I felt they were both connected as were ‘house’ things.


bujo cleaning calendar


Once I had finished the planning, the sketching and the arranging of pages it was finally time to actually set up my bullet journal. I love bullet journalling so much. It brings me so much happiness and fellow bullet journalists will know where I’m coming from when I say that setting up a new bullet journal is one of the most satisfying things. Just starting that fresh notebook makes you feel such a surge of motivation and inspiration. I started my new bullet journal off the same way as I started my previous one, with some pages dedicated to lettering inspo and doodles. Only this time I upped the ante. I created three double-page spreads of lettering and one of doodles this time around. I love mixing up fonts in my bujo but I’m not the most gifted when it comes to handwriting/drawing so need to look at pictures to copy from most of the time until something sticks in my head. Therefore I felt having more lettering styles to flip back to at the front of my bullet journal would be much handier than just having one double pager like I did last time.


Bujo doodles


My first new addition to this bullet journal is the inclusion of a key. I’ve used a key in the past but not in the bullet journal I was using before this one, I think it was the one before that perhaps. My key is pretty straightforward and will probably be added to in the future but for now, it’s got all I need it to have. I’ve also included a page of important dates to remember, albeit for only half the year but I felt it was a bit pointless to include the holidays that have already happened. I did consider migrating over the past six months future log just so I had it to hand but then I thought, what will I even need to access that information for? So didn’t bother. I can always look back at my iPhone calendar or my old bujo if I need to look something up for some reason.

I kept my future log style the same as in my last bullet journal as I really liked the layout and design. It gives me plenty of space for dates and events and I love all of the seasonal little doodles!


Bullet Journal Future Log


The next four pages aren’t pictured as they contained a lot of personal info but they consist of:

  • Money I Owe
  • Things I am Saving for
  • Monthly Bills
  • Petrol Expenses

The money I owe page I use for tracking how I much I owe for my credit card, car loan etc. The petrol expenses page is to track how much I spend on petrol. I only have a little car and have only had to fill it up once so far which is pretty good going as I drive every day (albeit not a great distance) and it’s been almost two months since I filled it so I thought it would be interesting to see how much I end up spending on petrol over the next six months as my confidence increases and I start going further afield.  The other two are pretty self-explanatory.

I then have my blog stats which spans over two double-page spreads as I’ve also included a section for blog post ideas just as I did in my last bujo. I decided to keep this layout the same as in my old bullet journal as I liked it and it worked. With this layout, I did decide to include the past six months as well as the next six. I thought it made sense when it came to blogging stats as I’ll want to do a review at the end of the year and it will be better to have all the stats in one place.


Blogging Stats bullet journal

Bullet Journal Blogging Stats

Bullet Journal Blogging Ideas


Next up I have a double page of Instagram hashtags to refer back to along with another triple pager which houses my Netflix series tracker. I’m still working my way through Friends, watching every episode in order. I’m currently on season six so not long to go now! I’ll have to find something else to binge watch after I finish it. I guess I’ll be able to finally work my way through Gilmore Girls, which unlike Friends I’ve never actually watched all the way through.



The next seven pages (!) house my tracker for IMDB’s Top 250 films. Will and I are currently working our way through them all. Although we’ve seen quite a few already so have been able to tick those off. I have a page dedicated to books I want to read next along with another for things I want to buy. I find it so handy to have a running list for myself for things I want for myself. It saves me having lists scattered all over my bullet journal and forgetting about something that I’ve been meaning to purchase for ages.



Next, I have two double-page spreads which hold my master grocery list. This is basically a list of all of the items I may have in my fridge/freezer/cupboards at any one time. It acts as a list you can just refer back to whenever you are doing a food shop and is great for helping you remember things you need but don’t always have at the front of your mind. After the master grocery list, I have another two pages which are going to keep track of my favourite meals so that I can refer back to these pages when I don’t know what to cook. I haven’t started filling it in yet but I’m sure it will feature in the future when I do a bullet journal update post.



My next double pager is a completely new addition to my bullet journal and it’s something I found on Pinterest. I really liked the idea of having a cleaning calendar, somewhere that’s purely dedicated to tracking cleaning/chores rather than including it in my habit tracker. This layout is one of the only ones that I found which is actually pictured in a bullet journal but as it covers both weekly tasks and monthly ones it was perfect. It’s also easily adaptable. After the cleaning calendar, I added a master chore list page along with a weekly cleaning rota.

I had both of these in my previous bujo and used them all the time so it made sense to include them this time around as well.



Can you believe we’re already 47 pages in?! Next is my master packing list. Your best friend when you’re packing from anything from one night away to a full two-week break. As you’ve probably already guessed I am a big fan of lists, particularly master lists. Having a place where you can refer back to does wonders for helping you to remember things. There’s nothing worse than getting somewhere and realising you’ve forgotten to pack something, it is the worst.

My master packing list is the last of the lists, for now, it’s tracker city from here on out my friend. I sort of ended up putting things together in specific sections, which planning ahead helped with immensely. Hence why all of my trackers are grouped together. I have (in order): step tracker, apple watch activity log, sleep tracker, period tracker, weather tracker, healthcare tracker (not pictured as it has a few personal things on it but some of the non personal items I’m tracking are hair mask, face mask and painting my nails), mood tracker and a memories of the month page.

Most of these are probably quite self-explanatory. The step tracker tracks how many steps I do per day. The apple watch activity log is to track how many of the three daily goals I hit each day. I tried something a bit different for my sleep tracker, inspired completely by Gwennan’s sleep tracker in her bujo. I kind of fell off of the wagon with filling in my sleep tracker previously and thought this style might work better for me. The period tracker tracks flow and symptoms and the weather tracker comes complete with an accompanying page of weather symbols. The weather tracker is probs one of my faves actually. Fun fact about me; I love the weather. I love watching those storm chaser programmes or programmes about the weather in general, don’t know why. I always have ever since I was little.

The mood tracker is for well…tracking my mood and the memories of the month spread is to capture a memory for each month. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was such a lovely idea and so much less commitment than my previous daily gratitude log.


And there you have it. 59 pages in and my bullet journal is finally set up and ready to use. I think this is going to be my favourite bullet journal yet. I love the colour of the notebook, I love the squared paper, I love what I’ve added inside. I’ve felt so positive and motivated ever since I started setting up this bullet journal, it’s amazing what the feeling of a (somewhat) fresh start can do. I hope you enjoyed this post and didn’t find it too waffly! I like to be thorough when it comes to bullet journalling, which I’m sure you know by now.

Thanks for reading!

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