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So on Wednesday the 1st of August 2018 Will and I got married! It still feels so surreal to say that but we did. I am officially a wife! We had a super small ceremony, just two witnesses and it was perfect. Just what we wanted. We didn’t want a massive wedding, we both don’t really like being the centre of attention like that so it would have just ruined it for us as we would have spent the run-up feeling so nervous. Big weddings are also very expensive and from what I’ve heard– stressful! We’re currently saving to buy our first house so it seemed silly to blow our savings on a big wedding when a small one was all we really wanted.

I think there can be a lot of pressure to have a big wedding, a reception with a meal, drinks, evening buffet etc and it all adds up. Of course, some people want that and it’s their dream to have that kind of wedding but for those people who don’t really want that and feel pressured into having that kind of wedding I want you to know that you don’t have to. You can do it the way you want it and there’s nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, you’re getting married for yourselves, not for anyone else.



We decided we wanted to get married at the registry office at City Hall in Cardiff. It’s where we were living when we got engaged and on a sunny day it’s a beautiful place for photos with the fountains outside. We knew we wanted to get married in August so we were pretty sure we could count on the weather. We opted for the registry office because we didn’t want to write personal vows, we just wanted the legal ceremony. Basically the shortest ceremony you can get!

The ceremony itself ended up not being as nerve-wracking as I thought it was going to be. The four of us were all laughing throughout, along with the two registrars! It was exactly how we wanted it to be and we really couldn’t have asked for a better wedding. After we were declared husband and wife we had a few photos in the registry office and then went round to the front of City Hall and had some photos outside.



It was such a lovely day. Sunny but not too hot, absolutely perfect weather. Although Will was absolutely baking in his suit bless him. In the main part of City Hall, there was actually a Job Fair going on hence the bollards. We found it quite funny that they just so happened to be in the exact location we wanted some photos so included them on purpose. I believe a quote was “let’s try to get those bollards in”.



My friend Gemma was our photographer and one of our witnesses and she did a fantastic job. She took so many photos, including during the ceremony and I’m so happy with them all. I can’t wait to get them printed so I can start framing some!

I hope you enjoyed a little look into our special day. I can’t stop looking through the photos and looking at my wedding ring, can’t believe I’m married and a Mrs now!

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