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Moving into a New Bullet Journal

If you’ve seen my last couple of bullet journal themed posts then you will know that my previous bullet journal was an orange dotted Leuchtturm1917. I still have a dotted Leuchtturm1917 except I now have a berry coloured one. Yes, I’ve bought and moved into a new bullet journal guys. I did have about 100 pages left of my old one but I worked out roughly how many pages I would get through each month and it meant that I would end up finishing that bullet journal at an odd time of the year so I decided to start fresh, move over the current month and then hopefully this one will last me until June/July.

I use my bullet journal for pretty much everything so I get through a lot of pages. For some people one Leuchtturm lasts a whole year but I know for me (working on rough calculations) this one will probably get me to Summer and then I’ll be into a new one to get me through to December. My plan is for it all to work out so that next year I’ll be able to have a bullet journal that starts in January rather than the middle of feb.

So let’s get into the good stuff, what have I transitioned to my new bullet journal, how have I set it up etc. Setting up a new bujo is always so much fun, I love scrolling through Pinterest for ideas on layouts and setups and seeing which I think will work for me. I also had a good long look through Gwennan’s bullet journal blog posts because I love her style, it’s very similar to mine and how I like my bujo to look and it’s always nice to find something you can relate to and get inspiration from at the same time.

At the start of my bullet journal I did a couple of pages of lettering for font inspo as I tend to use the same font over and over again. I’m not very confident with lettering or drawing, tbh I’m pretty rubbish at both unless I’m looking at an image whilst copying it out myself, so I thought having a double page spread of different fonts would help me as I can reference back to it when I need to. I also have a double page of banners, doodles, different layouts for dates and headers etc which again, I thought would be good for referencing back to when I found things getting stale. This was an idea Gwennan had mentioned in one of her bujo blog posts and I thought it was such a good idea! I chose fonts that I found on Pinterest that I thought wouldn’t be too hard to recreate and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Next I set out my future log for February-July. I got the idea for this setup from craftyenginerd and I love how it looks. I made a little error when drawing the box for May but other than that I’m really happy with it. I love how each month has a little illustration of something that’s associated with it and I have plenty of space to write in any events coming up. In hindsight I wish I’d drawn daffodils for March but I was concentrating so intently at getting the drawings right (because I’m honestly hopeless at drawing unless I’m copying from an image directly in front of me) that I didn’t really notice that the drawings for March weren’t really the ones I relate to when I think of that month (daffodils and little lambs).

After this I have a double page spread of my monthly outgoings, direct debits which never really change and money I owe to pay off my car etc, I haven’t included this page as it’s a bit personal to share on the internet but you get the gist.

This double pager I have is one I transitioned over from my previous bujo, my Netflix series tracker. I love this layout and colouring in each episode as I watch it. It’s a lot like ticking something off of your to do list which if you know me, is something that I love to do. Whilst we’re on the topic if you have any Netflix recommendations I’d love to hear them!

I decided rather than having a blog stats page at the start of each month within my bullet journal, it would be better to have a double spread page at the front where I can log stats for each month. I also added a section here for blog post ideas that I can refer back to for inspo. I’ve actually ended up adding a mini version of this to each months blog calendar (which you’ll see further down the page) but I still intend to use this section. I think I’ll use it more for series ideas rather than one-off posts.

These next two pages I’m really looking forward to completing. I’ve already added two films and been able to colour them in (Murder on the Orient Express and Bram Stoker’s Dracula if you’re wondering). One of my goals for 2018 is to read more and watch more films and I’m determined to achieve both of these. I’ve bought myself a bunch of new books that I’m excited about reading so I know this page will be full in no time!

Next are two master lists, I’ve featured the master chore list before in previous bullet journals albeit in various layouts. It’s something that I like to have in there just as a reminder of things I need to keep up with. Sometimes housework can get on top of you so I like to do a bit each day to keep it simple. I work best when things are clean, tidy and organised so I find keeping the house that way makes things easier. It’s also easier to keep a house clean when you never have a big mess to tidy up (I find this most of all with things that spill over in the oven!). The packing list was an idea I spotted in, yep you guessed it, one of Gwennan’s bullet journal blog posts, I’ve been travelling a lot for various courses with work lately and having one list to refer to made so much more sense than writing one out every time (although as you’ll see further down the page, on my first trip away of Feb I forgot that I had this list, I remembered for the other one though).

Eighteen pages in and we arrive at the first monthly spread, I decided to include a calendar layout this time around, rather than a list version. I like the way the classic calendar layout looks and I think it’s so much easier to work out dates when you can see a proper calendar in front of you. I stuck to the same layout for my personal monthly calendar and my February blog calendar. The boxes are big enough for me to write in events/blog posts and I like that I have a little section for blog ideas too. Hearts for valentines obvz. Really loving the font design I used for both of these calendar layouts too! The only thing I’m not super pleased with is the amount of blogging I achieved in Feb, I started off so well and then just was away a lot with work and didn’t have time to blog but nevermind, I have time again now so it’s all good.

I started this bullet journal a couple of weeks into February and it worked out that the week I started was also Valentines week so of course I had to do a v-day themed layout didn’t I? I experimented with the layout I’ve seen Kara from Boho Berry use lately and I really liked it. I also played around with having a little mini habit tracker at the top too as well as a mini calendar with the current week highlighted. I really enjoyed this layout and it’s definitely one I’ll use again. I just need to sort the measurements out so I can fit the weekend in there too!

I meant to put these next two pages before my first weekly spread of February but I got carried away about trying a new layout and totally forgot so they’re on the next two pages after but whatever. I’m trying not to let little mistakes like this bother me, because at the end of the day it’s really only me (and anyone who reads my blog) who will see my bujo, but they still do sometimes because I love my bullet journal and want it to look perfect. Unreasonable I know, but if you bullet journal then you’ll know, y’know?

Anyhow, despite my error I really like how these trackers turned out. I’ve been using the same monthly sleep tracker for a while now and it really works for me. I’ve actually gone on to adapt it slightly for March (mainly just to save my hand writing out the numbers again and again) which you will see in a blog post later this week, but the basic layout is the same. I don’t have any particular reason for tracking my sleep, other than I just like to see how much I got each night. It’s also like a little memory tracker too because I can look back at a particular date and see what time I went to bed and what time I got up and remember what I did that day based on how late I stayed up/early I got up the next morning.

The mood tracker I thought was pretty suited for the month of February and I love how colourful it is. I’ve actually had a pretty decent month so far looking back at this, lots of happy, excited and relaxed days and only a few blue, grey and greens!

Here you’ll see where I forgot about my master packing list and where I also had to create a mini layout for the weekend because I couldn’t fit it into my weekly spread. I love a good list, there’s something about ticking off a task or item that just makes you feel put together. You either love lists and organisation or you don’t and I love lists and organisation. I think most bullet journalists do in some aspect, I’ve seen some that use a completely separate bujo just for lists! Now that’s love for lists right there.

My second weekly spread for February was pretty similar to the first, just without the mini habit tracker and calendar at the top. I did manage to fit the weekend in this time though, along with a little rose and greenery design at the top. I’m not super happy with the way the flowers turned out but at least I know how I don’t want them to look next time haha.

I like to have a lot of space for lists because those are what I use my bullet journal for most I would say, lists, habit trackers and blog notes.

This next spread is one that I cannot wait to see all the boxes coloured in. Getting back into exercise is another of my goals for this year so I’ve started with a workout that I already know I love, Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. They’re only 20 minutes long and they’re pretty intense so you get a really good workout and they don’t take a massive chunk out of your day. I’m just starting out, so I’m getting back into the routine of working out again but I’ve been enjoying it so far. I love that feeling after you’ve worked out and you feel really pleased with yourself, I also kind of weirdly love the ache you get the next day.

Let me know your favourite HIIT workouts, I’ve seen a few on YouTube that look good but it’s always nice to get recommendations.

After my little mistake where I forgot to include my sleep tracker and mood tracker before my first weekly spread I decided it would be handy to have a little reference page on how I setup a new month in my bujo. Just a little ideas page where I can look back each time I’m setting up a new month and check I haven’t missed anything out.

Throughout February Kara, from Boho Berry has been doing an update of her One Month in my Bullet Journal series. I saw her use a gratitude log of a similar style and I loved how simple it was so instantly knew I needed to include it in my bujo. I think it’s so nice to sit down and take time to think about you’ve been grateful for each day and it’s something I’ve really looked forward to doing at the end of the day.

And here we are, the last weekly spread of February (and a couple of days into March). After what seemed like the longest month EVER (hi January) the shortest month is now over and we’re edging closer and closer to spring. I’m really excited for March because lots of exciting wedding stuff is happening this month and I actually can’t wait! I’m sure I’ll have some wedding themed posts up along the way so if you’re interested in wedding planning etc keep an eye out for those!

I took it back to basics with layout and went back to my old trusty which I used a lot in my old bullet journal. It’s so simple and easy to set up and leaves me heaps of room for lists and things I need to jot down. I don’t always like to lump the weekend into one but if I ever have a to do list that’s as long as my arm on a weekend I usually just turn over a new page and write out a to do list for that specific day so it’s no biggie.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my bullet journal ramblings, I’ll have a March Setup post up soon enough so if you love bullet journal blog posts as much as I do then you won’t have to wait long!

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