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I love cleaning and I’m forever buying new cleaning products to try but here are some of my favourites that I always have in my cleaning cupboard.

  1. Zoflora – I love this stuff. It’s a scented disinfectant that kills bacteria and also removes odours. You can use it neat or diluted to clean nearly everything in the home and also to do things like refill reed diffusers. I’m planning on doing a post all about Zoflora and how I used it around the home very soon!
  2. Bleach – You can’t beat good old fashioned bleach. I like to use this in my bathroom mostly as I mainly use Zoflora in the kitchen.
  3. Viakal Limescale Spray with Febreze – This is amazing on taps and shower heads. It gets rid of water marks and limescale and leaves them shiny and fresh.
  4. Mr Sheen Express Mist – My favourite polish at the moment. I’ve always used Mr Sheen Polish because I love the scent but after discovering this was available in Poundland from Chris Shaw (if you’re not already following him on Instagram then you should be! @chrisshaw7233) I’ve completely switched!
  5. Dettol All In One Disinfectant Spray – Such a great all in one product. My favourite thing to do with this is to spray the kitchen bin every time I change the bag, it makes the bin smell really fresh and kills bacteria too. Another good use is to spray your soft furnishings with this to disinfect and deodorise.
  6. Mr Muscle Advanced Power Shower Shine Spray – I use this to spray down the glass in the shower every day whilst it’s still wet, I also spray the tiles and the floor of the shower. It helps to stop any soap scum build up and leaves the glass shiny and streak free.
  7. Astonish Fabric Refresh Spray – This has recently found it’s way back into my rotation. I used this years ago when I came across it in Savers and although I loved the scent when I ran out I went back to Febreze. However now that I know I can get it in Poundland (I don’t live near a Savers anymore) I think it’s a no brainer to switch back to this. It smells amazing, it’s £1 and a little goes a long way! I use it every morning to freshen the bedding and once a week around the house to freshen the curtains and sofa (if I’m not using the Dettol All In One!).
  8. Method Daily Kitchen Surface Cleaner – I started using Method a few years ago after discovering it via Youtube. I love it because it’s non-toxic but still does the job. I currently have the Clementine scent and it’s so crisp and clean smelling. It cuts through grease and grime no problem and leaves my counters lovely and shiny.
  9. Mr Sheen Spray & Mop Floor Cleaner – I found this in Wilko’s a couple of months ago and thought I would give it a try. It’s Orange and Lemon Blossom scent and it smells so nice! If I’m not using a capful of Zoflora in my steam mop then I spray the floors with this as I mop. I use it mostly on our tiles and it makes them shiny and clean.
  10. Elbow Grease – This stuff is great! You can find it in Pound Land usually and let me tell you, if you have some grease that just won’t budge, this stuff will do the job. I used this on our cooker hoods when we moved into our new house and it left them looking brand new!
  11. Pledge Extra Car Intensive Conditioner Beeswax Cream – I bought this from Wilko’s to use on our coffee table and dining table as they are solid wood and were looking a little dull. One use of this and they are back to looking like new again. It takes a little buffing but if you have any solid wood furniture I would recommend this stuff.

What are your favourite cleaning products? I’m always on the look out for new ones to try.

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