My Perfect Friday Night

Ah the perfect evening, the plans you make in your head only to get in and realise you need to put washing on, cook dinner and one million and one other things that definitely aren’t in your plan to have a perfect relaxed evening. I often find myself in this situation that is except for Friday nights. Friday nights are my favourite, we usually end up getting a takeaway meaning that I don’t have to cook and it’s the one night of the week where I put all jobs to one side.

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My perfect Friday night is definitely not your average persons ideal night in, I mean to be fair what is. Your perfect night in is unique to you and don’t ever let anyone tell you what you should be doing. I’m not a big drinker, I’m not a massive fan of nights out, don’t get me wrong I like the odd night out but it’s not how I spend every weekend and that’s okay. You do you. So many times people have said “oh don’t be boring just come out” and it really irks me, staying in and not getting drunk doesn’t mean you’re boring and if anyone tells you that it does, raise your finger, put it to their lips and say sssshhhhhutthefuckup.

  1. Two words Food NetworkHonest to God I am obsessed with this channel. I pretty much watch it non stop to be honest with you but Friday nights are where I just like to really immerse myself in it. In the week I’m watching but I’m probably also in and out of the front room because I’m also cooking myself instead of just watching people cook like I do on a Friday night. If you love cooking shows then you need to get involved, what am I even saying, if you love cooking shows you already know about Food Network.
  2. Snacks – Getting a takeaway doesn’t mean snacks don’t need to be involved, you can’t beat a good tub of Pringles, packet of Midget Gems or peanut butter KitKat Chunky. Also if you watch literally any show on Food Network you’re going to get hungry and need snacks on almost a constant flow so it helped to be prepared and already have them in your cupboard.
  3. Other than drooling over Food Network. Most of my Friday (and most nights tbh) nights are spent blogging, I like to always have about a weeks worth of content planned at any given time so that if anything comes up, I have a bit of breathing room if I have to have a couple of days off of content planning. Blogging is a hobby for me, I don’t earn any money from it. I don’t use affiliate links or do sponsored content. This is a choice I made early on when I started my blog because I already have a full-time career which I love so for me a hobby is all I’m after for now. That being said, it doesn’t mean that I don’t take my blog seriously. I do. I try to post every other day and I love writing new content and coming up with new ideas. I still track my stats and growth etc too, I love to see people visiting my blog and reading my posts because they still take a lot of time and work to do, I enjoy it don’t get me wrong but it’s great to see that people enjoy what you’re writing about.
  4. Sudoku is something that has definitely become part of my perfect night in. I find it so relaxing yet engaging to sit down and work through a Sudoku puzzle. They’re definitely my favourite kind of puzzle, I have quite a few Sudoku puzzle books now (and even an app on my phone) and I love just chilling out, Food Network on in the background, snacks on the coffee table, working my way through one.
  5. If I’m not writing blog posts or doing a Sudoku then you’ll probably find me reading. Not necessarily a book because I prefer to read those in silence so I can really get into the story, but a good flip through a magazine whilst glancing up at the telly every time something tasty is mentioned is something that I can definitely get on board with, and often do.
  6. Now I couldn’t possibly be describing my perfect evening without mentioning my Bullet Journal could I? No, of course not. Whether it’s setting up a new weekly spread, writing a list of things to do over the weekend or filling in my blog content calendar you know that my bujo is going to be involved somewhere down the line.

So there you have it, that’s my perfect evening in pretty much (I also get in my pyjamas almost as soon as I get home from work, take my make up off and make myself a big peach squash). How do you like to spend yours?

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