New Look Summer Wish List

This heat wave though. Can we even really call it a heat wave anymore? Is this just our Summer now? Surely it’s been going on way too long to just be a heat wave. Anyway, regardless of terminology it’s been super hot of late. Possibly too hot, I’m not a massive Summer person, I find the heat a little unbearable for the most part. However, I have found dressing for the weather we’ve had lately to be quite nice and I’ve enjoyed adding a few new bits to my wardrobe so I thought I would share a few others I’ve got my eye on.


New Look Wish List Summer


  1. Black Polka Dot Short Sleeve Boxy Shirt – I love this shirt! I’m a sucker for anything with polka dots.
  2. Yellow Stripe Button Through Tie Front Top – This shirt screams summer to me. I also seem to really be digging shirts right now.
  3. Rust Spot Print Button Through Tea Dress – Not usually my colour but there’s something about this dress that I love.
  4. Rainbow Stripe Culotte Wrap Jumpsuit – Jumpsuits are my favourite. So easy to throw on and so comfy!
  5. Dark green Animal Print Midi Shirt Dress – I actually ordered this dress today! I love a midi dress (and animal print) and this one is so cute.
  6. Camel Spot Print Button Tie Front Top – Again this is definitely not in my usual colour palette but I love this shirt. The sleeves in particular really do it for me.
  7. White Button Front Contrast Piped Boxy Shirt – Yet another shirt on the wish list here. Ugh, why are they all so cute.
  8. Brown Leopard Print Button Front Tea Dress – Unfortunately, this is out of stock in almost every size else I would have definitely have bought this one too.

*All photos used are from the New Look website and do not belong to me.

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