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If you don’t follow me on Instagram and you didn’t see my previous blog post then you might not know that I recently got married. Last Wednesday, on the 1st of August 2018 I became a Mrs. You can take a look at a few of our wedding photos in my previous post if you fancy a peek! We went on our honeymoon a couple of hours after our wedding and we chose to spend a couple of days in London and really treat ourselves, rather than take a longer break abroad.

We booked quite far in advance and managed to get first class tickets there and back for around £31 each! Travelling in first class definitely added to the experience and I’m already not sure how I can go back to my regular commute on a train where I don’t get free food and drink, ha! We took a couple of plastic champagne flutes on the train with us along with a chilled bottle of Moët, I mean you only get married once right!




We booked into the Doubletree Hilton London West End and they upgraded us to one of their Premium Deluxe rooms, where they had also left us a bottle of wine to congratulate us on our marriage. The room itself was lovely, spacious, a huge walk-in shower and a king size bed that felt like a dream.

After checking in to our hotel and unpacking we headed out to Covent Garden which was a 10-minute walk from where we were staying. It was incredibly busy but I managed to find the perfect time where the queue for Morelli’s Gelato was only five people long and quickly joined it. I had a scoop of their Dulce de Leche gelato and it was delicious! Exactly what I needed too as it was significantly hotter in London compared to Cardiff.



After a long walk around the Covent Garden area, we headed back to our hotel and had a couple of drinks in the bar. I had a French Martini, which is one of my favourites. Will went for a Grey Goose and tonic, which is definitely his favourite drink of all time lately, I can’t stand tonic water. I just don’t get the hype, Quinine tastes vile in my opinion.



We decided to keep our first meal out pretty chilled seeing as we had such a luxury meal planned for our next night in London, so we went for Byron Burger. We actually ordered it on Deliveroo and has it delivered to our hotel which was the absolute dream. I mean when you have a lush room why waste it right? Byron was stunning. I’ve had it before, in Liverpool about 6 months ago but Will hadn’t tried it before and it’s safe to say it did not disappoint.



The next day we got up and went downstairs for breakfast which we certainly made the most of as we had a full day out planned and a very special meal in the evening that we didn’t want to be full for so planned on filling up at breakfast and skipping lunch.



After filling ourselves up at breakfast we made our way over to South Kensington to spend the morning in the Natural History Museum. Will had been a couple of times before and absolutely loves it but I hadn’t been so it was really nice to go together. We had a great time, even though it was absolutely heaving!




Before we knew it, it was gone half twelve and so we headed further into Kensington and went for a drink at a place called The Zetland Arms. It was such a lovely pub and they had raspberry gin so I was happy. We only had the one here but it was definitely the sort of place you could spend a whole afternoon. People were milling in and out all the time and it was the perfect spot for people watching.



We spent the rest of our afternoon having a wander around Harrods which, again is somewhere I had never been before. I loved wandering around, especially in the food halls. The pastry section, ugh! I could have bought one of each easily. We got the tube back to our hotel around 3pm and had another drink in the hotel bar before heading to our room to relax for a bit before getting ready for the evening.

The main event of our honeymoon was the meal we had planned. We booked a table for 2 at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester for the tasting menu and let me tell you, it was worth every penny. It’s been almost a week and I still think about this menu daily, honestly the best food of my life. Get ready for a lot of photos!



To start we each had a glass of champagne. They also served these amazing little French pastries which had I believe, a black peppercorn cream. They were absolutely divine.

We were then offered a selection of bread, I went for the classic French baguette. The bread was served with salted butter and a blend of whipped cream and cream cheese. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you but the entire combination was absolutely out of this world. Whipped cream blended with cream cheese? UNREAL.



The first course was Dorset crab, celeriac and caviar and despite my apprehension that I might not like it as I’m not the biggest fan of crab, this was delicious. I even enjoyed the crab leg tempura.

Our second course was confit duck foie gras, cherry and basil and this was probably my second favourite of the menu. The whole cherry was filled with foie gras and Kirsch and whilst that might sound weird, it totally worked and was out of this world amazing.



The third course was our favourite. ‘Sauté gourmand’ of lobster truffled chicken quenelles. It’s the only dish on the menu that’s been with the restaurant since it opened and I can see why. It was absolutely outstanding, literally the best thing I have ever eaten, ever ever ever. I actually told them that I would like 52 of them. In hindsight though, 52 would not be a lifetime’s worth and that is what I need.

The fourth course was line-caught sea bass heritage tomatoes and cardamom. The tomato flavour was quite overpowering in this dish but it was still delicious. I loved the little touch of the tiny flowers too.



The fifth course was our least favourite. Saddle of LAMB, green peas and mint. The lamb itself was stunning but the peas and mint were so overwhelming that it just sort of ruined the entire dish which was such a shame as if it had just been a little less pungent it really could have worked.

The sixth course on the menu was an assortment of four French cheeses. I love cheese. So naturally, I loved this course. Each cheese had its own condiment to accompany it and whilst I can’t remember a single one of them I know I liked them all apart from the pink on the bottom left. This one was very very strong and neither Will or I liked it. The cheeses were served with hazelnut bread and crackers, both of which were simply delish!



Before our seventh and final course, the dessert we were served a selection of chocolates and some mini French macaroons. You should have seen my face, I could have eaten the lot had I not been sharing with Will, damn him. As I’m sure you can imagine, both were fantastic. particularly the chocolates.

Dessert, our seventh course was raspberry and fennel contemporary vacherin. Now luckily I really couldn’t taste the fennel in this, which is great as I can’t stand the stuff, however, I still wasn’t much of a fan, unfortunately. I don’t know what it was that really turned me off but it was all just very overpowering. The flavours weren’t subtle at all, they really were right there in your face and we just didn’t enjoy the dessert.



What we did enjoy though was our chocolate cake made by the pastry chef at Alain Ducasse. We took this with us back to our hotel as we were pretty full by this point but it was unbelievably good. I mean, look at that gloss.

Whilst there were a couple of courses that we didn’t enjoy as much as the others, the entire experience was unforgettable and truly amazing. I’ve never had such incredible food and we’re already planning on going back next year for our first wedding anniversary.



The next day we got up, packed, went down for breakfast and then made our way over to Paddington station. As we also had first class tickets on the way home we got to sit in the first class lounge at Paddington. It had air conditioning, unlike the rest of the station so we were loving it. It also has all of the same complimentary drinks and snacks you get on the train so we had a can of coke and some biscuits to tide us over before our journey home.

I really love travelling by train, it’s so relaxing and you get to see so much.



And just like that, it was over. We had the best time and in a way, I’m glad it was only a couple of days because I feel like we cherished it more. We knew we had limited time in London and we really made the most of it and enjoyed ourselves.

Thanks for reading, I know it’s been a long one so if you’ve made it this far, I salute you.

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