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All written content on this blog has been created by me. Each post is written in my own words and contains my own thoughts and opinions. All items featured on this blog are bought and paid for with my own money and by my own choosing to do so. I am always 100% honest with every post that I write. If I like something then I will more than likely blog about it. If I don’t like a product I may still write about it, explaining why it didn’t work for me.


If you wish to feature one of my blog posts or photographs, please ask my permission by emailing me at All photographs on my blog are my own unless stated otherwise.


As a blogger I’m always interested in trying new products and sharing my thoughts on my blog. I am more than happy to work with brands, providing they are relevant to my content. If I like something I am more than happy to blog about it, likewise if I don’t like something I will share my experience and why it didn’t work for me.


If you’re a brand and would like to get in touch please feel free to contact me either via email at or via the ‘Contact’ page on my blog. Please bear in mind that I also work full time so I may not be able to reply to emails immediately, however I will respond as soon as possible.


Any products featured which have been sent to me by a PR company, for free in return for a blog post or a review will be clearly marked with an * after the product in question.


Affiliate Links
Some of the links used on my blog are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you purchase something through that link. This is at no extra charge to yourself, it just means I can earn a couple of  extra pennies (literally pennies). I’ll only ever link products I either already own and love or have my sights on to purchase for myself. I will also only ever link to relevant products for that blog post. logo