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I bought these a couple of weeks ago but they are still available to buy now. They also had lots of different scents to choose from if either of these don’t appeal to you, but I wanted scents that were tropical and summery smelling and these two definitely fit the bill.

Pineapple & Coconut smells like a Summer holiday to me. It’s quite a strong coconut smell and reminds me of getting ready to go out on a warm Summers evening, I think if this was just a little lighter it would be lovely as a perfume. (Not the room spray itself just the scent, don’t spray these on your skin!). It’s a warm, bold scent and the pineapple adds a freshness to it that stops it from being too heavy. I like to use this in the evenings in my front room as I think it’s more of an evening smell.


Grapefruit & White Nectarine is much more of a tropical fruity scent, I love the smell of this one and it’s probably my favourite. I wouldn’t say it necessarily smells like either grapefruit or nectarine to be honest, but it is a really lovely, fruity smell. This is a much fresher and lighter scent compared to the Pineapple & Coconut Room Spray and so I usually use this one in the daytime although I do use it in the evenings sometimes too.

These sprays were £3 each which I think is a great price, each bottle is 100ml and I think the packaging is really pretty. The bottles are glass too which I like.  If you’re looking for a Summer  room fragrance then I would really recommend these, they smell amazing and for £3 you can’t go wrong.

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