SensatioNail Express Gel: First Impressions

I usually always have my nails painted but lately I’ve found myself with so little time that I just can’t keep up with painting them and then having to wait around whilst they dry etc. It’s just become a chore to be quite honest. This led me to at home gel nails, which I must admit at first I was a little dubious about.

I’ve never had acrylics or anything before so I didn’t want to wreck my nails but after doing some research into gel nails I popped along to my local Boots and picked up the SensatioNail Express Gel Starter Kit, they do this kit in a couple of different shades but the one I chose came with the shade Red Your Profile.

If you’ve heard of SensatioNail before but are new to the express range, the difference is basically that the express polish is an all in one formula. So you don’t need a separate base and top coat, making the process super speedy! The express range lasts around 10 days which is great, if like me you don’t have time to repaint your nails every few days when they ultimately chip.

I also picked up two of the SensatioNail Express Gel One Step Polishes as they were on offer in Boots so I got both of these for £15! I chose the shades All Day I Rosé which is a gorgeous glittery rose gold and I’m The Black Sheep which is a classic glossy black.

Ok so let’s talk about what you get in the starter kit. You get the LED lamp, which is used for curing the gel polish, a cuticle stick to use for preparing your nails, a 2 way buffer and nail file (the buffer is also used in the removal process when you want to take the polish off), a little instructional leaflet and the gel polish. I couldn’t believe how dinky the lamp was, it’s so cute!

I could hardly wait to try it the second I got home haha so got to work straight away. I took my old nail polish off with nail polish remover and then pushed back my cuticles with the cuticle stick provided in the kit. My nails were pretty short as I’d not long cut them so I just gave them a little file down to make sure there were no jagged edges and then gently buffed them.

The LED lamp works with a sensor so you want to plug it in and turn it so that you are ready to start applying your polish. SensatioNail recommend painting your thumbs first and then the rest of your nails on each hand, one hand at a time of course! This just makes it easier to cure in the lamp. You’ll also want to make sure to shake the bottle vigorously first and use thin coats of polish as this polish is a lot thicker than regular polish.

I painted each thumb with a thin layer of polish and then placed just my thumbs under the lamp for 30 seconds. The lamp comes on automatically and flashes at 15 seconds, it then switches off after the full 30 seconds. My nails were still a little tacky after the first curing so I cured again for another 30 seconds as recommended in the leaflet provided. I then painted another layer of polish onto each thumb and cured again for 60 seconds.

I couldn’t believe that the polish on my thumbs was  now completely dry, I was only two nails in and I’d already decided that gel nails were truly life changing!

I painted each nail on my left hand next, using just a thin coat on each and then placing my hand (minus my thumb of course!) under the lamp and cured for 60 seconds. I layered on the second coat and cured again for 60 seconds and then repeated on the right hand. It took no time at all, I was amazed to be honest. It was such an easy and fast process. I wouldn’t of even been halfway through if I had of been using my normal nail polish!

I’m so pleased with the quality and application with this polish, it’s so easy to work with. It’s not gloopy or streaky at all and I love the colour! I took the photos below right by a window so it’s made the polish look a little brighter than it actually is in real life as it’s a bit darker, more of an oxblood red, which I personally love.

I’m very happy I bought this kit, I love how easy it is and it completely takes the hassle out of painting my nails now. I’m also super impressed with the staying power, it lasted right up to the 10 day mark without a chip in sight! It lasted through cleaning the bathroom, which is the ultimate nail polish test!

There are so many colours to choose from too, as you can see from the side of the box, and they’re often on offer in Boots or on the SensatioNail website.

If you’ve been on the fence about gel nails I would recommend SensatioNail to you. They’re really affordable, the starter kit is £34.99, which when you consider that each bottle of SensatioNail Express Gel Polish gives you 25 manicures, is a great deal.

Have you tried gel nails? Let me know your thoughts below! 🙂

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