September Bullet Journal Setup

Let me start by saying how much I love my September bullet journal setup. I’m so pleased with how it turned out and I think this may be my most favourite spread I’ve done so far. It’s heavily inspired by Alexandra Plans September bullet journal setup. I loved the colour palette she used, as well as a lot of her general theme for the month and couldn’t resist recreating it.

I am honestly so excited for Autumn. I had to really refrain from putting up my Halloween decorations yesterday. I’m so extra with holidays and love to decorate for the entire month/season. For now, I’ve just got out my Autumn decor but I know it won’t be long until the Halloween stuff is out on display


September Bujo Setup


My cover page is very simple but incorporates the colours I’ve chosen for this month. I love doing a theme in my bullet journal which is something you’ll have seen if you follow these posts month on month.

I didn’t want to use colours that represented October and Halloween to me, but I still wanted an Autumnal feel for the layout. I’m really happy with how the cover page turned out (even if my cursive could be a lot better).



Next is the first of the double page spreads. I have a more simple style of my month at a glance for September for no reason other than I didn’t want to draw out two calendar spreads. I love using the standard calendar spread for my blog calendar so didn’t want to omit that but for my month at a glance, I’m happy to just use a simpler method.

My master to-do list is something I include month on month. I love having one place where I can jot down things that need to completed within a month but not on a specific day.



Keeping in with the theme I included the leaf doodles that feature on my September cover page for my blog calendar. Again, I’m really happy with how this looks. The colour palette is the perfect mix for Autumn and it makes me so excited for colder weather.



My last spread before we get into the weeklies is my old trusty habit tracker. I’ve been using a double page spread for this for a while now and I really like it. I used to use just one page and have it go horizontally across the page but I definitely prefer it being the right way up.

The first of the weekly spreads you will no doubt recognise the layout as a variation of my old trusty. I go back to this layout time and time again because it just works, however this month I’ve mixed things up a fair bit and I’m really excited to try out some new weekly layouts.



The second layout of the month is probably one of the busiest layouts I’ve ever done. I don’t typically use layouts like this because I already have a habit tracker and for meal planning, I usually will just write it underneath each day when using my regular layout. However, I really wanted to give a layout like this a go and I love the way it looks so I’m eager to see how it works out.



These next two weekly spreads are my favourite out of the four I’ve created this month. Particularly this next one. I am definitely not a skilled artist and I can only (semi) draw well when I am copying from an image so for this spread below to turn out the way it has makes me really happy. I love how the leaves and the colours look and despite my cursive not being great, I’m really happy with the way this looks and I can’t wait for this week so I can use this spread!



I got the idea for this last weekly spread from Pinterest, the little signs are what sold it for me. They look so cute! I think I’ll be cracking this spread out in October too because little pumpkins will look great in place of the leaves I think!

Speaking of pumpkins, the final page of my September setup is this Autumn films to watch page. I have been working my way through this list already, I watch most of these every Autumn and they’re some of my favourites but this year I’ve added a couple of new additions. I hadn’t seen Something Wicked This Way Comes before and I loved it. Definitely going to be one I watch every year from now on. I’ve also never seen Teen Witch and I’m looking forward to watching it because it sounds right up my street.



As always, I hope you enjoyed seeing how I’ve set up my bullet journal for this coming month. Leave me your bullet journal blog posts below in the comments 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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  • Really lovely setup, I love all the autumnal colours. My bullet journal is a lot more functional than photoworthy haha

    Emily x |

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