September Favourites

This monthly favourites post is a biggun’! There have been so many products that I’ve been loving this month, some I’ve already wrote separate posts on and some I haven’t.

My first favourite to kick off this post is Coco Loco Blow & Go Genius Lotion from Lee Stafford. I bought this at the start of the month as I was in the market for something to nourish and protect my hair from heat damage. I had heard other bloggers talk about this and as all hair care was on 3-for-2 I went for it. After going more of an icy blonde this month my hair was a little more on the damaged side and the ends were so dry that they were starting to break, I’ve been using this before styling after each wash and I have noticed such a difference in the condition of my hair. It’s definitely looking and feeling a lot healthier and it’s also much more easy to manage and not as frizzy.

I picked up the handbag size of Rouge Absolue from Next recently as I just completely fell in love with the scent. It’s a deep, rich, sexy scent that’s perfect for date night or an evening out, although I also wear it in the day. I went for the handbag size so that I could take it out with me and it would be perfect to pop in a little clutch or something. I’ve tried a few of the Next perfumes now and always been really happy with them. They have quite a large range so there’s something for everyone and they’re really affordable too.

I’m planning on doing a separate post about this lip balm so I won’t go into too much detail but let me just say, it is a m a z i n g. Honestly, if you suffer with dry lips all year round and can never quite find anything moisturising enough then give this Ultra Conditioning Burt’s Bees one a go.

I mentioned earlier on that I bought Coco Loco when it was on 3-for-2 in Boots and this shampoo and conditioner combo are the other two products I purchased. I recently used up my Bblonde shampoo and conditioner and as I’ve gone a much lighter blonde I decided it was time to try out a violet pigment shampoo and conditioner. I was using a purple shampoo once a week when I was a darker blonde but now that I’m a silvery/icy blonde I really want to make sure I keep any brassy tones firmly at bay.

I went for the Max Strength Violet option for the shampoo as my hair is very cool toned. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and after almost 4 weeks since I had my hair re-coloured there isn’t a brassy tone in sight. The conditioner is really nourishing and makes my hair smells like I’ve just been to the salon. I’m not usually a fan of hair products that smell too strong as I think they can conflict with your perfume etc if they’re overpowering but these smell so good! What I love about this combo is that a little goes such a long way, I’ve still got well over half left of each so I don’t think I’ll need to re-purchase these for a while but I definitely will be once I run out!

If you read my latest New in Beauty post then you’ll know I had a bit of a love hate relationship with this perfume when it first launched. Now however, I love it! I’ve been wearing it most days since I bought it and I love the unique sweet yet sultry scent it has. I haven’t smelt the Snowella one yet but it’s definitely on my list!

Another product I’ve raved about before is the Vineyard Peach Body Butter from The Body Shop. I’m nearly out of this now but I’ve been loving using this and have used it pretty much every day this month. Using body lotion is something I try to do as much as I can as I have very dry skin but it’s also one of those things that sometimes you just can’t be bothered with y’know? The scent of this stuff motivates me to use it though as well as the hydration it gives my skin. I love the body butters from The Body Shop, for me they’re just consistently good for my skin and something I will continue to repurchase again and again.

Now would you believe me if I said I had never tried cream contouring before? Well I hadn’t, until about two and a half weeks ago that is. I saw someone using this on Instagram recently, pretty sure it was Beth Louise and I thought it just looked like such a great product that I immediately went out and bought it. I went for the light shade and I’ve got to say, this makes contouring so much easier. It also lasts a lot longer when you layer with bronzer as it sets the cream in place. I’ve absolutely been converted to the Collection Contour Sticks and for £3.99 I think you should be too!

The last couple of things I have to talk about this month are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, which tbh I don’t think needs much saying as it’s widely known as being amazing. Also I recently blogged all about this palette here. The second is my new electric toothbrush from Braun Oral B. I’d been using an electric toothbrush by the same brand for around 4 years and whilst I loved it, it was coming to the end of its life. I decided the suitable upgrade would of course be a pink one and also one that involved lights because for some reason this excited me, ha. I’m sure almost all of you already use an electric toothbrush and therefore know how amazing they make your teeth feel, but if you are still using a manual I would definitely suggest switching to electric.

The Braun Oral B toothbrushes are really affordable, I got this one on offer in Superdrug for around £26. They clean your teeth way better than a manual ever could and they also are a long gentler on your teeth and gums.

That rounds up another month! I hope you enjoyed reading about the products I’ve been loving this month. Leave a comment if you’ve tried any of my favourites and tell me what you think of them!

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