Spring in the Snow

ICYMI, last week we had some of the most epic snow we have had in years and I wanted to document it in some way because I honestly cannot remember the last time we had weather like this and it’s pretty amazing. March 1st was the start of meteorological spring and whilst it’s certainly not been very spring like so far, I have no complaints.

The snow was so heavy and the winds were so strong that from 1st-2nd March my work closed and we had two snow days! The buses and trains all stopped running and everything went to a standstill more or less. We were due a Tesco food shop delivery on the Friday which they were unable to deliver so we ended up trekking into town which took us an hour and a half in total and walked to our local Tescos. They were completely out of bread but had the few things we needed to make a cheesy bolognese pasta bake for dinner, along with a couple of goodies. It was absolutely freezing as I’m sure you can imagine and even though I wore appropriate amounts of clothing I was still chilled to the bone by the time we got home. Walking in the snow is also extremely difficult when it’s over a foot deep, you can’t see the kerb and there’s black ice everywhere and each step feels like you’re dicing with death but somehow we made it really fun and ended up taking loads of lush photos of the snowy scenery. We also ended up helped a couple of people who had fallen over on the ice and saw lots of people pushing cars who got stuck in the snow so there was lots of acts of kindness happening and it was really nice to see lots of people walking with their kids and enjoying the snow. We don’t get it very much so it’s nice to enjoy it whilst it lasts.

I jumped into a hot shower as soon as we got in and instantly regretted it because I got chilblains immediately and it felt like both of my feet had been chopped off, not something I would recommend doing that’s for sure. Once that had worn off though I hopped into some clean pyjamas and my snuggly dressing gown and spent the rest of the day on the sofa. If you had a snow day recently due to Storm Emma or the so-called Beast from the East then what did you do with your extra day off? I’d love to see your snow photos so leave your links below!

I’ll leave you with some of the beaut pics we took last week, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  • I work from home, so it was business as usual for me, but I did take some time out with my partner to build a snowman and go for a winter walk – because you have to do something out in the snow. We get it so rarely in this part of the country! So nice to hear that you saw people helping each other out.

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