Summer Footwear Haul


Every year I buy new shoes for Summer because every year I buy shoes that end up being so uncomfortable that I never wear them and throw them away. This is mainly because I’ve bought shoes online from places I’ve never bought shoes before and then never end up returning them because it’s a hassle etc. This year though I didn’t want that to happen. I wanted to get shoes that I knew I was actually going to wear and that I was able to wear all Summer.

I knew I wanted a pair of tan wedges, specifically wide fit tan wedges because my feet are super annoying. They’re dainty and fragile whilst being wide, which means if shoes don’t fit right my feet get torn to bits.

My favourite place to get shoes from normally is New Look because they do wide fit shoes, they’re good quality and they’re also reasonably priced.  I looked on their website and in store and couldn’t find what I wanted so started looking for other places that do wide fit shoes. I found out that Matalan do and that’s exactly where these little beauties came from.


I love them because they have a slingback strap which for me is the comfiest type of strap because it doesn’t dig in to my ankles. I got these in a size 6 for a bit of extra room (I usually wear a 5) which makes all the difference. They’re quite high but because they’re wedges there’s not as much pressure and they’re actually really comfy to walk in. What I also love is that they were £16 which I think is such a bargain.

After the let down on the tan wedges situation from New Look they came through with the other two pairs of shoes I bought. I got these lovely flat tan sandals, which I’m not kidding are the comfiest shoes I have ever owned. They feel like walking on puffy little clouds, they’re just so soft. These are also from the wide fit range and I got these in a 6 too. I find with summer shoes, going up a size can really make a difference as when your feet get hot and swell a little, shoes still won’t pinch. These were £17.99!


After buying two pairs of tan shoes I felt like I needed some black ones as well. I had a look online at New Look and they had a lot of  really nice shoes, but I finally settled on these.


The heel isn’t too high and despite having wooden heels they’re actually really comfy. These are also wide fit but I got these in a 5 and they fit really well. I really like the metal studs on the side too. These were the most expensive of the three at £27.99.


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