Summer Weekends in the Garden

This weather has been blooming amazing, hasn’t it? Constant sunny days and warmth. Not having to cart a jacket about with you in case it gets cold later. It’s been consistently nice for weeks now and it’s been fantastic. I’ve had more ice lollies than I can count, endless amounts of icy squash and a cold shower every night before bed and I’ve been loving every second of it to be completely honest with you.

Sure there have been some hot, uncomfortable nights but I’ve found ways to cope with the glorious heatwave we’ve been having. I was never really someone who loved the Summer prior to this one but I’ve actually really been enjoying the weather and Summer clothes you get to wear as a result. Autumn is definitely still my favourite season but I’m no longer someone who dreads the Summer and having to wear things with bare legs.


Summer Weekends hot Dog


We recently bought a garden table, chairs and a parasol and we’ve been loving sitting outside in the garden of an evening or weekend. I particularly like sitting out from around 4pm. Just as things are starting to wind down. You still have a few good hours of sun, but it starts to get ever so slightly cooler, the birds are still about and it’s really peaceful to just sit and listen to them. We have a ton of bird feeders too so they love our garden.

Another thing Will and I have been enjoying over the past couple of weeks are BBQ’s. Nothing quite says Summer like a BBQ and they make for such an easy tea time. We’ve even indulged in one mid-week! Sausages with cheap, cheese singles and ketchup in a bun, ugh, is there anything better? I think not.

There’s something about the sun being out that seems to make people happier it seems. The British Summertime is iconic, isn’t it? Just like a holiday has certain things that you do so does Summertime in the UK. Beer gardens, picnics in the park, ice lollies, going for a day at the beach, having a bbq. We might not always have the best Summers, but when we do we do them right.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Summer so far and that this heatwave continues for the foreseeable!

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