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I thought for this Wednesdays post it would be nice to do a bit of a brand focus, this may even turn into a series to be honest! I wanted to talk about the bits I currently have from The Body Shop, I love The Body Shop Products and I think most of us will remember getting various products from the Strawberry range for Christmas at some point! I don’t know about you but my mum always got me the Strawberry stuff, literally never any other scent but Strawberry haha. No idea why to this day.


As soon as the Vineyard Peach range came out I knew I needed it in my life. Peach is one of my favourite scents (and flavours) so of course I got the body mist. Now I do like this spray, it’s certainly not unpleasant, but it’s also not the peach smell I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong it smells of peaches, but it’s not as strong as I would of liked and it’s also a different peachy smell than what I was after. It is a lovely light fragrance for every day day though and I use it nearly it every day at the moment.



Also from the Vineyard Peach range I purchased the body butter. The Body Shop body butters are probably their most popular product I would say. They do so many different scents and they’re ultra rich and moisturising. They also make great gifts! Now considering that the body mist and the body butter are from the same range you would think that they would smell exactly the same, nope. This smells way more peachy, at least I think it does. I wish the body mist smelt as peachy as this to be honest. If you’ve ever used a body butter from The Body Shop before then you need to check them out. They have a huge range of scents and specific ones for drier skin types as well. They’re really moisturising and because they’re scented they leave your skin smelling lovely too.


You can tell just from the photo that this bronzer is well loved, it’s the only bronzer I currently own which says a lot. Usually I have a few different brands of each product on the go at the same time but with this I don’t need to. This is the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, it comes in five shades which I think is amazing for a bronzer as usually it’s just light, medium or dark. The shade I have is number 3 which is a little dark for me but it blends out so smoothly so as long as you don’t go overboard it’s not really a problem. When it comes to repurchasing this I’ll be getting shade one, which will suit my super pale skin a lot better I think.



I got the next two products in a sale The Body Shop had a few months ago, keep an eye out for their sales as they often have 40% or 50% off both online and in store. The first is a lip balm from the Honeymania range. I’ve used quite a few of The Body Shop lip balms in the past and they’ve usually been quite a creamy texture but this one is much more balmy. It’s very hydrating and makes my lips really soft but there’s something about it that I just don’t love. It can go a bit grainy sometimes when I go to apply it which I find annoying as it ends up just going lumpy when you put it on so I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one.



The second item I got from the Honeymania range is the exfoliating cream body scrub which unfortunately is no longer available on the website. I love a good body scrub and although this is a cream body scrub I was surprised at how good it was. I usually go for the harsher, salt or sugar scrubs as I feel like they do a better job, but this worked really well. I did use it with exfoliating gloves which makes a big difference I think, but it left my skin feeling soft and smooth, without feeling dry and scrubbed to within an inch of its life!

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?

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