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The Guilt of Unfollowing

Unfollowing. It’s something that’s become a bit of a topic of late, particularly within the blogging community. People have started playing the follow/unfollow game and it’s (rightfully) irked people. The aftermath of this however is that people have now started getting annoyed if people are unfollowing them at all. Whether you’re only recently followed or not people have started voicing their upset over being unfollowed and I for one am not living for it.


Unfollowing people on social media


I understand completely about people being annoyed with those that follow just to get you to follow them back and then they unfollow. However that can be combatted quite easily. Only follow accounts you relate to or truly love their content, be that Twitter or Instagram the same rule applies. Don’t like what someone is tweeting on a regular basis and no longer relate to them? Unfollow. No longer feel connected to someone via Instagram and don’t feel their content suits your interests anymore? Unfollow. Unfollowing someone or even multiple people is completely fine. If you no longer enjoy someones content then who is anyone to say you have follow them? It’s your social media and you control what accounts you follow. It really is as simple as that.

I see a lot of people getting really upset if someone unfollows them and fair enough if you were friends or something, that might be a bit hurtful but even then if someone doesn’t like your photos on Instagram is that really so bad? If someone doesn’t want to follow you on a social media platform is that worth worrying about? The answer is no. There will be plenty of people who do want to see your content, be that on Twitter, Instagram or even your blog. Someone unfollowing you on social media really isn’t that big of a deal and by getting upset about someone doing it to you you’re just making it an issue when it really isn’t. At some point I’m sure you’ll want to stop following an account yourself but then feel guilty that you’ll hurt their feelings and keep following them. I know I’ve done it and I’m certainly not alone. It’s absurd. We shouldn’t have to feel guilty for not wanting to follow someone on social media. It’s not a personal attack on them, you just don’t relate to their content perhaps. It could be for a multitude of reasons. It doesn’t matter– what matters is that people stop ranting and “outing” people for unfollowing them. It’s childish and ludicrous and there’s just not need for it. If anything it’s going to make people more likely to unfollow you in my opinion.

In Summary:

Your social media is yours, just like your blog is yours. Follow who you want to follow, unfollow who you want to follow.

Do you ever feel guilty when unfollowing people online? Let me know your thoughts!

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