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Things Everyone Does When They Go to Ikea

Ikea, the home of meatballs, chips, and gravy. Lint rollers, copious amounts of candles and of course the obligatory hotdog on departure despite already having filled yourself to the brim with aforementioned meatballs, chips and gravy. I love a trip to Ikea, I live super close to one so it’s not so much a trip as much as it is a less than 10 minute drive but I love going there. I feel like everyone does the same things when they go to Ikea. Ikea is iconic. It’s an experience. It is a way of life. If you’re anything like me and love Ikea then I’m pretty confident you will 100% have done these things. Maybe not all at once. Maybe you haven’t done all of them yet, but you will. Your time will come my friend.


Ikea grey sofa


  • Opened every kitchen cupboard and drawer, particularly those that say “look inside” on the front
  • Sat on all the sofas
  • As above but replace ‘sofas’ with ‘beds’
  • Smelt every single candle and said they all smell lush but then decide you don’t want any of them
  • Find 3 pencils and 2 measuring tapes in your bag weeks later
  • Ordered meatballs, chips, gravy and lingonberry jam followed by Daim cake AND an ice cream only to get a hotdog, chips and potentially cinnamon rolls on the way out
  • Bought the Ikea staple bedding that is Alvine Kvist. If you know then you know
  • Perused the kitchen utensils section deciding between the cheapest option and the nicest looking
  • Touched each and every rug as you’ve walked past to “feel if it’s soft”
  • Bought a multipack of tea light candles



  • Consider purchasing a cuddly toy from the kid’s section despite knowing you have absolute no requirement for one. They’re just really cute and soft
  • Sit in several of the show rooms and pretend it’s your house for a few minutes (a mini photo shoot may or may not happen)
  • Wished you were 6 so that you could play in the soft play area
  • Bought several cushions with various patterns, which are always either solely monochrome or a multitude of colours. There is no in-between
  • Bought a lamp, got all the way to the till and paid only to have to go back and buy the bulb for it
  • Spent a good few minutes deciding what drink choice to go for with your meatballs and chips
  • Considered getting mash instead for once but ultimately just getting chips at the last-minute
  • Left with a bag of mini Daim bars
  • Stocked up on lint rollers
  • Stocked up on lightbulbs for the lamp you bought once you realised you needed specific Ikea ones


Ikea Edison Lightbulb


  • Somehow ended up with 5 million blue Ikea bags in your house, which are actually super handy for moving house FYI
  • Bought a Billy bookcase
  • Bought a piece of Malm furniture
  • Replace Malm with Alex
  • Dreamed about buying the Malm dressing table
  • Ditto for the Alex 9 unit
  • Realised you don’t have the space and sulked for a few minutes until you discovered the Brimnes version
  • Bought the Brimnes dressing table
  • Became concerned when you got back to the car and realised all the furniture building ahead of you
  • Had an argument with your other half


Personally I love building flat pack furniture, I find it really therapeutic. As long as I can build it on my own with no interruptions from people who don’t like building furniture and throw a temper tantrum every five seconds (who can I be talking about I wonder). That tends to make the experience less therapeutic.

I also have bought a toy from the kids section before. I no longer have that cuddly toy. Don’t buy the cuddly toy, you don’t need it and you will throw it away when you come back to your senses an realise you’ve bought a fluffy shark. Okay maybe not if you buy a shark because sharks are awesome but if you buy a teddy with a little top on and all it does is sit on a shelf you’re going to find he gets boring real fast. I’m sorry he just has zero personality ok. Take my advice on this one.


Thanks for reading!

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things Everyone Does When They Go to Ikea

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