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Thing’s I’ve Been Loving Lately #3

Can’t quite believe that after having a month off of blogging I’m back here again writing blog post number two of October. I thought after having such a break that I should do a little catch-up post of sorts because I certainly haven’t been living under a rock during my blogging break and I have lots to share. I almost feel a little overwhelmed with all of my ideas and excitement to be back blogging but there’s one way to sort that; blog! It’s currently Saturday and after getting my first blog post of October up this morning all I’ve wanted to do with the rest of my day is blog and that’s exactly what I intend on doing!



I’ve seen a lot of people say they’re re-watching Gilmore Girls because it’s such a cosy, Autumnal programme and whilst I’m not re-watching because shockingly I’ve never actually see the show in its entirety, I am watching it. I’m currently on season 3 and absolutely loving it, it’s such a cosy show. I often find myself wishing that I lived in Stars Hollow and could go to Luke’s Diner for breakfast but alas I don’t and therefore will have to make my own coffee (albeit in a Luke’s Diner mug that I currently have my sights on). Another show I’ve been enjoying is Unforgotten which is currently on Netflix also. It’s a British crime drama very reminiscent of Broadchurch imo and I can’t enough of it. It’s one of those programmes where you finish one episode and immediately go onto the next and it’s definitely one to watch if dramas are your thing. Of course there’s no way I could mention the TV shows I have been loving of late without mentioning The Great British Bake Off is there? I mean come on, there’s just not. Will and I have both been loving it this year and already have our bets in for who we think is going to win, something I won’t divulge the details of just yet as we have a few weeks to go but I’d love to hear your thoughts should you wish to share! We were gutted to see Dan go last week, he seems so lovely and really is a talented baker. Unfortunately now it’s down to the best of the bunch and each week you have to literally be at your A game or you’re a goner!

When I haven’t been watching TV I’ve been reading, in particular lately; The Cornish Coast Murder. I’m an Amazon Prime member and recently purchased a Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet for myself (review coming soon!) and so spent a bit of time browsing the selection of books available to Prime members for free as part of the Prime package. I came across The Cornish Coast Murder and from the title, cover and synopsis knew it was one for me. I love me a good murder mystery, nothing too scary mind and this fits the bit completely. I’m about a quarter of the way through and it’s so good, really well written with an excellent collection of characters.



Now if you know me then you’ll know I absolutely love Autumn and Halloween. Those nearest and dearest to me may say I’m obsessed. Therefore, equipped with this information it will come as no surprise that I have been heavily consuming Pumpkin Spice Lattes for the past couple of weeks. I particularly liked the limited edition one Starbucks did complete with pumpkin spice cream and sprinkles! Pure autumn in a cup! Whilst we’re on the subject of beverages let me share with you my favourite herbal tea of late, which I’m sure you already spotted in the photo above. Ugh, doesn’t it just sound like the best tasting Autumn tea ever? Well it is. It’s divine. I couldn’t actually find it in this country so I ordered it from and it came (along with two other holiday teas) within about 10 days, not too bad considering it came from America. It also wasn’t expensive, I got three teas and shipping for £13 which I really don’t think is that bad, especially when you consider that the other two teas are Christmas ones and are called Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and Candy Cane Lane. I haven’t tried them yet but I cannot wait until we’re closer to Christmas and it feels more appropriate to drink them because I am sure they are going to taste amazing.


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