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Thoughts You Have When You’re Ill

I’ve not been very well recently and have had bacterial tonsillitis (don’t be jealous) and along my delirious journey back to health I had a few thoughts along the way that I thought I would share with you all.


Thoughts you have when you're ill


  1. I’m not getting ill am I?
  2. Surely not, I must just be a bit run down
  3. Oh god I AM getting ill
  4. I need ALL the medicine
  5. Why is everything in the medicine cabinet expired? Worst timing ever.
  6. Ok, ok it’s fine I’ll get Will to pick me up some things on the way home
  7. I need lemons, honey, paracetamol, ibuprofen, cough medicine. The entire shelf basically.
  8. I HATE being ill
  9. This is the worst. Everything hurts. I have a headache, my throat kills and this cough feels like I’m going to hack a lung up.
  10. I can’t even enjoy things I normally do, like breathing because GUESS WHAT? I need to cough every 3 seconds.
  11. I don’t even have a cold though. What is this hell virus?
  12. Oh ok so I have white spots on my tonsils now. Fan-fucking-tastic.
  13. Ah I see the pain when swallowing has decided to ramp itself up a touch. TO MAXIMUM PAIN.
  14. At least I don’t have a temperature
  15. JINX
  16. Oh god I’m hot. No wait, I’m freezing. Actually, I’m hot again. Oh no wait.
  17. I feel funny
  18. Feverishly funny
  19. “Will feel my head, I’ve got a fever haven’t I?”
  20. “Yes I would like a cold flannel that sounds excellent”
  21. “I’m too cold”
  22. I’m hungry. I need something soft to eat.
  23. No not soup. Soup is borrrrrring. An entire box of Frubes sounds about right.
  24. Ok I’d really like to be better now
  25. I haven’t got any energy to do anything
  26. God all I talk about lately is how ill I feel. I want to be better damn it.
  27. Why did I take not being ill for granted. I didn’t know how good it was to not have a sore throat and constant coughing fits.
  28. Time for another dose of cough medicine
  29. UGH, why do they make these things taste so horrible? They need a candy floss flavour or at the very least, strawberry.
  30. Will I ever feel better?
  31. My head hurts
  32. I wish this coughing would stop
  33. It’s going to stop isn’t it?
  34. No of course it’s going to stop Charlotte, don’t be silly
  35. *Googles length coughs last for* Oh yeah it’s going to stop
  36. BUT WHEN???
  37. I would like to leave the house now
  38. When will my energy come back?
  39. It’s been five days now, come on body why aren’t you fixing things?!
  40. *Goes to the Doctor* Oh great so I have Bacterial Tonsillitis. SOUNDS WONDERFUL.
  41. Wooo antibiotics though, these are going to do the trick
  42. I would like to stop coughing now ma’am. Ma’am? I would like to stop coughing now. EXCUSE ME MA’AM? The coughing?
  43. Being ill is the worst

SO glad to be feeling a bit better now! Still not 100% but I’m getting there. Hope you enjoyed my amusing ramblings! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has these thoughts when they’re ill. It’s just so annoying isn’t it? You can’t do anything you normally do and you feel like complete crap, who wants that? Not me that’s for sure!

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