Top Five Black Fineliners for Your Bullet Journal

The quest for the perfect black fineliner. The constant search all Bullet Journalists endure. Well, unless you’ve found your favourites of course. For me these five fine fineliners (see what I did there) are my go to when it comes to my bullet journal.

I like my pens to be a fine tip for the most part with ink that dries quickly and doesn’t smudge. I also like them to be affordable, I am not about paying over £10 for one pen that’s for sure.

Black Fineliners

So these are my top five in no particular order

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner – This is probably the most popular budget fineliner out there. You can pick one up on its own or in a multi-pack and for me this is a pen I will repurchase again and again because it’s cheap and it does the job. Not only does it do the job though, it does it really well. It doesn’t smudge when you’re drawing out extravagant layouts that involve lots of lines or boxes. Which I think any Bullet Journalist will agree is possibly the most important element of a pen. If it smudges it ain’t staying in the pencil case pal.

Stabilo Point 88 Fine 0.4 – Cheaper yet again with the Stabilo fineliner. I find these are almost always on sale in supermarket stationery aisles. They usually come in a multi-pack with a bunch of other colours and are about £4 for the whole set. This fineliner has a super fine point and is great for drawing out grids and calendar layouts etc which is mostly what I use it for.

Papermate 300 Gel – Now this isn’t technically a fineliner but I wanted to include it because whilst it’s nib isn’t super fine it still works really well for drawing out lines. It’s a great all-rounder if you’re travelling and only want to take one pen. It feels really nice to write with and dries pretty quickly, not as fast as the top two I mentioned but as long as you’re aware it needs a tiny bit extra dry time then you’ll be ok. These I found for around £2 in Wilko in a pack of two.

Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens – These are raved about non stop and for good reason. They’re affordable (currently £6.99 on Amazon for a pack of four) and you get a set of four in various sizes. My two personal favourites are the F and M (and the S until the nib wore off). You get an S, F, M and B in the pack. S is the smallest nib and unfortunately if you apply too much pressure it ends up getting shorter and short over time until there’s nothing left to write with. F is the next size up whilst still being a fine point, then there’s M which is slightly bigger and finally B which is a brush style pen. Great for calligraphy. I really like this set because a) they don’t smudge b) they’re affordable and c) this entire set covers all your bullet journal needs.

Sharpie Pen – This was actually the first fineliner I bought, way before I got into the world of Bullet Journals and when I still used an Erin Condren Lifeplanner. I saw so many people rave about this pen and managed to grab a couple on Amazon. I probably should have mentioned that all of the above pens are very pigmented in colour and whilst the Sharpie pen is black ink, it’s a much less pigmented black than the others. This doesn’t really bother me unless I use a different fineliner on the same page as this one as then the difference is glaringly obvious but don’t let that put you off because it’s still a decent fineliner. It’s just not super black.

Black Fineliners

What are your go to black fineliners that you use in your Bullet Journal?

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Top Five Black Fineliners for Your Bullet Journal

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