Updating My Wardrobe for Spring

Spring is edging ever closer (despite all the snow we’ve had recently) and I’ve picked up a few bits to update my wardrobe. I loved the culottes trend last year (which is sticking around this year too, yay!) and plan to wear my navy polka dot Zara ones as soon as it warms up a bit so when I saw this culotte jumpsuit it went straight into my basket.

I love that you can dress it up or down, I’ll probably wear it more with trainers and a denim/leather jacket tbh but it’s always nice to have the option. This jumpsuit also comes in red which I was v tempted by but I decided to play it safe with black in the end. It’s from New Look, FYI. Everything in this post is, probs should have mentioned that at the start haha.

I bloody love pinafore dresses. They’re just so cute aren’t they? I stuck to black because I can get more wear out of it and mix and match with more tops but it also comes in a lush mustard yellow along with a couple of other colours. I’ll be wearing this with tights for the foreseeable but I like that this isn’t too short so that come Summer you could wear it with bare legs if you wanted.

The last couple of bits I picked up were two pair of earrings. The teardrop ones (pictured above) I bought not to go with either of these outfits but just to have in my jewellery drawer as I don’t have many pairs of ‘dressy’ earrings. I really like these because they’re sparkly and certainly make a statement but they’re not too much.

This next pair of earrings on the other hand are definitely verging on being too much but I absolutely love them. I love the whole pom-pom earring trend but have held off so far because I haven’t seen any that are 100% up my street, until these. These are perfectly sized imo, there’s enough pom-pom going on but they’re not quite in Pat Butcher territory just yet. Well maybe they are, but that’s no bad thing in my book, can’t knock a woman who isn’t afraid to rock a strong earring can you. No, exactly. Pat Butcher 4EVA.

What pieces are you adding to your wardrobe for Spring? I can’t wait until it’s a little warmer and I can stop just recycling through the warmest outfits in my wardrobe.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week, thanks for reading!

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