Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Eyeshadow Palette: Review

If you read my What I Got for My Birthday: 2017 post then you will know that I bought the Naked Basics 2 palette with a voucher my team in work gave me. I dithered for ages on the John Lewis website, deciding whether I wanted to go for the first Naked Basics palette or the second one but settled on the second one (obviously) because I felt the colours were just a little more suited to me and weren’t duplicated in palettes I already own. I also wanted a palette that was small enough to travel with as I’ve been travelling with work quite frequently over the last couple of months and packing light helps a lot.

I was a little annoyed (albeit just for photography purposes but still) that the cardboard box the palette comes in arrived with a few scratches on the letter N and the top left corner but the actual palette itself arrived in mint condition. The palette opens out to reveal six shades and a decent sized mirror, which makes it really handy for on the go. It doesn’t come with a brush but that doesn’t bother me as who even uses the brushes/applicator that come with palettes? Because I sure don’t.

The shades themselves are beautiful, they’re colours that will work together in any combination and are perfect for everyday. They’re really creamy, easy to blend and very pigmented. I love that they’re all matte as it makes them great for daytime wear. I’m pretty neutral with my makeup for work, sometimes I like to add a little highlight to the inner corner but I like to use matte shadows most days. I’ve got loads of use out of this palette already and I’ve only had it a month, I’ve used it almost every day for work and on the days when I haven’t used it it’s because I’ve used the ABH Modern Renaissance palette (another birthday present featured in my birthday blog post) My favourite shade overall is Frisk which I like to use all over the lid with Cover in the crease and outer corner blended out. I also like to use Cover all over the lid with Primal in the crease/outer corner or all three of the above! The only shade I haven’t used yet is Undone and that’s really just because I don’t wear very dark/heavy make up in the day but it will be great for doing a smoky eye.

Swatched from top to bottom: Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal and Undone.

Skimp is a light yellow based nude which makes for a great all over lid colour on barely there make up days.

Stark is a more peach toned nude which again is a really good base for all over the lid.

Frisk is a taupe shade which is perfect for either all over the lid or the outer corner/crease.

Cover is a light taupe brown shade which I use in a similar way to Frisk.

Primal is your classic light chocolate-brown which is great for the crease and outer corner. I don’t wear it all over the lid because it’s a bit bold for me for daytime but for a brown smoky eye it would be perfect.

Undone is a deep, dark brown. Great for lining the eyes, all over the lid for a bolder, darker look or for the outer corner/crease.

I’ve been loving this palette, it’s a great size and the shades are super wearable. Do you have this palette? What are your thoughts?


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