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Vertical Weekly Layout| Mixing Things up in My Bujo

If you’re a regular reader of my bullet journal posts then you’ll know that my go to weekly layout is a horizontal style. It’s one that I’ve used consistently  for a while now and whilst I love how it looks it just became a bit too small on space for me. My days lately have been quite busy what with chores, to do lists, work events and blog stuff and I really need the space. I don’t have quite enough going on to warrant using daily spreads but at the same time my trusted horizontal layout just wasn’t cutting it. That’s not to say I won’t use them again in the future, but for now vertical weekly layouts are where it’s at for me.


Trying Something New Bullet Journal


I had a bit of a look around on Pinterest, which is a normal starting point for me when I’m setting up a new week in my bullet journal. I saw a few layouts I liked the look of but decided they were a bit too elaborate for what I needed and set about creating my own. I went for something very simplistic, just a basic vertical layout containing enough space for each day of the week. I feel like I have plenty of space to write chores, events, to-do’s etc for each day with plenty of room for anything else I might want to include.

I don’t usually have much to do on the weekend chore wise so didn’t feel the need to have as much space on Saturday or Sunday. The spare space at the moment I decided to add in a meal planner so I could plan what meals we could have on each night and then popped in a little section for things I’ll need to remember for the following week.

As you’re reading this I’ve already used this weekly spread and I can tell you– I love it. I have more than enough space for each day and I love how neat and sectioned off it is. Let me know what your weekly go to layout is!

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