Wedding Planning in My Bullet Journal

In the run-up to our wedding, I understandably did some planning. We had a small wedding and went on our honeymoon on the same day so there wasn’t a whole guest list to organise or seating plans etc but when I needed to plan, of course, I used my trusty bullet journal.

I’ve been using my bullet journal more than ever lately and this particular bullet journal is probably my favourite one yet. We’re only on August 5th and I’m already on page 130. Really hoping I don’t have to ration myself the rest of the year.



I started the wedding planning process by creating a big ol’ double page spread of our main plans for our honeymoon. Including ticket references for our train tickets. The tubes we needed to get. Our check-in time at our hotel. You name it, I put it on there. I included all the details I knew I would want to check along the way and it was nice to have this page to flick back to along the planning process.

Spot my little ‘don’t forget’ checklist in the top corner.



Next up is another double page spread of some things we planned to do in London. We actually didn’t end up doing two of them (Hawksmoor & Trafalgar Square) but I love the spread and doodles all the same.

I also thought it would be a good idea to make a list of some places that were near our hotel so that we had a rough idea of places we could go. If you read my previous two posts then you’ll know exactly what we did do in London (hint: it’s the remaining two things on the list).



The final planning was, if you can believe it, yet another double pager. This time a packing list. I mean how could I possibly plan a trip without one right? Despite having a master packing list at the start of my bullet journal.

So there you have it, it might not be much but it kept me organised and that’s what matters.

P.s. how cute is my dino?

Thanks for reading!


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