What I Ate in February

February was a hell of a month for food for me. I went to Moose Coffee in Manchester at the start of the month which was amazing. They have an insanely good menu but I couldn’t resist the peanut butter and jelly french toast. Words cannot describe how good this was. Honestly. I mean the picture does a pretty good job but you need to experience this if you like peanut butter, seriously it’s unreal. UNREAL I TELL YOU.

I also really got into eggs and lots of different types, I’ve had duck eggs, regular eggs, blue eggs, brown eggs. I just really love eggs rn. This has a lot to do with the fact that I discovered and started following whatiateforbreakfast on Instagram, her breakfast/brunch ideas are incredible and you basically cannot stop yourself from recreating them. I’ll leave you to scroll through a couple of my creations and droll over the egg porn (and the smashed avocado porn if there is such a thing), just look at that yolk.

(White bakery roll, smashed avocado, potato scone x2 and a fried duck egg)

(Toast, smashed avocado and a poached duck egg)

(White bakery roll, smashed avocado, potato scone and a fried egg)

(Buttermilk English muffin, smashed avocado, grilled halloumi, potato scone, streaky bacon and a poached egg – I admit this one was very extravagant)

Looking at this picture of the amazing roast duck cooked dinner we made makes me SO HUNGRY. I remember this day well, I hadn’t eaten all day because I’d been so busy so I had a massive portion. I also made Dauphinois Potatoes as well as roast potatoes and yes I had both. Don’t judge me. Potatoes are amazing. I bloody love a roast dinner so I always go to town when I make one, I do everything from scratch, Yorkshire Puddings, gravy, the lot. I also really love cranberry sauce, hence the amount on my plate. Oh and in case you’re wondering about the gravy, because I’ve been asked this by friends before. No I don’t use gravy browning, I use the meat juices, make a roux and then add vegetable stock, which is usually a mix of the water my veg has parboiled in first before being roasted. Also who else loves Brussels sprouts? Because I’m actually obsessed with them.

Ah lasagne, one of my favourite meals ever. You can’t beat a lasagne can you, proper home cooked lasagne, from scratch with salad and garlic bread and then the next day with chips. Absolute classic. Another little food fact about me– I put mushrooms in my lasagne. I think it’s lush because I love mushrooms, but if you don’t then you will probably hate it. Mushrooms are one of those foods that really divide people, like pineapple on pizza (FYI, pizza is MADE for pineapple).

I actually made this lasagne earlier this week and it was stunning. So stunning in fact that I was excited about having it the next day with chips and salad as I was eating it on the first night I made it! I’m really into food, in case you hadn’t gathered that by now.

Back onto breakfast with these next four photos, I’m always starving in the mornings so I love a big breakfast. I was away with work a couple of times during February so had to stay overnight and therefore stayed in a hotel, of course that meant treating myself to a cooked breakfast. This one was particularly good with the little hash browns, perfectly cooked egg and that absolute slab of black pudding. I love black pudding but again, I know it’s one of those things a lot of people aren’t keen on.

French toast (pictured below) is one of my favourite breakfasts to have on a weekend. I usually do vanilla and brown sugar french toast with strawberries and maple syrup but opted for blueberries on this occasion. This is another meal I remember really well and it’s already got me thinking that I need to make it again this weekend.

These next two whilst still breakfasts, are a lot lighter but still just as yummy. The first is a blueberry and maple syrup hot cross bun, I found these in Tesco and had to pick them up. I picked up the toffee fudge ones earlier in the month but unfortunately didn’t take a photo of those! These were delicious though and if you spot them I highly recommend that you pick them up.

Raspberries, Alpro yoghurt and a drizzle of honey is my go to every day breakfast before work (or sometimes at my desk if I’m a bit rushed in the mornings). I sometimes add a few bran flakes too for a bit of crunch. Super simple but really tasty and filling. I also like to add strawberries and blueberries to this.

Now technically this isn’t something I ate, it’s something I drank but I wanted to include it anyway because root beer is my favourite soft drink and it can pretty hard to come by in this country. However fellow root beer lovers fear not, you can pick this up in ASDA in a pack of 6 for £1.66! It’s really nice too and doesn’t break the bank quite like it would if you bought single cans from the American aisle each time.

Last two photos now I promise, I feel like I’ve literally rambled on about food for ages so if you’ve made it this far I commend you. You truly are a lover of food, or possibly just nosy. I can relate to both so you’re in good company here.

Will had been asking me to make fish pie for ages so last Sunday I finally bought the ingredients and made it, along with homemade bread in my new bread maker. It was divine. Fish pie is such a classic comfort food isn’t it, it’s got the goodness of fish but the stodgy creaminess of mashed potatoes and you just really can’t go wrong. Obviously I had to include my veggie fave, Brussels sprouts but my argument is they’re good for you so you can eat five a day every day, right? Right.

What a cute little morsel to end on. This photo of a little Welshcake was taken on February 28th, the day before St Davids Day and what a Welshcake it was. This wasn’t your traditional Welshcake, this was a Cherry and Almond Welshcake from Fabulous Welshcakes. If you live in Cardiff and have never been then you really need to. They have a shop down the bay and one in the city centre and their Welshcakes really are amazing. They do so many different flavours and they’re just stunning. Especially if you are lucky enough to grab them whilst they’re still warm!

I hope you enjoyed reminiscing about meals past with me, I love looking back over what I’ve done (and eaten) at the end of each month and I thought I might be quite nice to document in a blog post so I think I might make this into a monthly series on my blog 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely February, thanks for reading

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